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October 18, 2009

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                     on't think that you will get a last minute hair appointment at the wildly popular Shear Dementia hair salon on Friday morning this week because you will certainly be out of luck.
The owner, proprietor and chief hair dresser of the 1011 West Mason St. salon, Darla Krueger will be busy fixing and styling the bride and all of her bridesmaids heads as they prepare for the 3:30 nuptials at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish church in Green Bay.
Darla Krueger has prepared the hair of many a bride and bridesmaid in the past but none of those are as important as the work to be done Friday on her own daughter Megan as she prepares for her wedding. Megan known better to readers of this column as "Megadeth" is tying the knot on Friday to her long time boyfriend and personal assistant Stephen Sampson. Sampson is known for his own head of long hair and at last check will not be getting a shampoo and perm at Shear Dementia but with his golden lochs recently trimmed he will be allowed the luxury of home hair treatment in the shower.
Darla Krueger
The couple will be married at 3:30 PM followed by heavy drinking at local bars then a reception at the SC Grand 2550 Mid Valley Drive in De Pere. Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM with a dance to follow,  hopefully more heavy drinking will occur after dinner during the dance.

Numerous Sobieck relatives are standing in the wedding party including one time Oneida harlot Brittany Sobieck who expects the favor to be paid back at this time next year for her own wedding.
Stephen Sampson
Megan's groom and personal assistant
Outrage is Jean Poquette Hansen's attitude toward the whole affair in her own words Sunday as she told the story of how she was refused service and shunned as she had a night out on the town with her husband to be James Seidl. Seidl who told part of the story awaits Poquette-Hansen to approve a date for their planned future wedding but has not had an answer as to when or where the upcoming ceremony is to be.

It all began at the Sports Corner where Poquette-Hansen waited too long for a drink and in retaliation stuffed a beer glass into her purse. When confronted she gave up the glass with a stern warning that she would never come back and that there was no cause for the trouble especially after waiting so long for a drink and spending $60 plus dollars at the establishment for dinner and drinks. 
Storming out of the local De Pere bar she and James then went to Wal-Mart to finish some grocery shopping where after fumbling with a pack of V-8 smashed a container on the floor causing a big mess on aisle 7 according to James. Witnessing the V-8 debacle was her daughter Ashley, her grandchild Jordan, and Ashley's fiance Mike VanDenhuvel.

The next night the couple decided that some Italian food was in order and headed for The Olive Garden for dinner and few cocktails. Once again after a 120 minute wait for a table she was shunned at the bar and only allowed one drink. "Something's going on here" she remarked to James as the obvious blacklisting began to take hold. After the visit to the Olive Garden her failed attempt to buy a shirt at Coaches Corner in De Pere confirmed her suspicions that she indeed was blacklisted. She asked the staff for a 3X shirt and was told that they were all out but after stepping away from the bar immediately afterward a large man approached and was granted his wish for the same size shirt. Hansen again announced that she would never set foot in that establishment again.

Jean Poquette-Hansen would like to remind everyone of her annual children's pumpkin carving party next Saturday October 24 at 1PM at her comfortable Greenleaf home. Children should bring pumpkins they want to carve and will be allowed to carve their own designs and enjoy some treats later in a co-operative effort for food preparation. Children will be allowed to take their pumpkins after the party in-spite of James Seiel's wishes that they should remain where they were carved. Seidl has purchased three pumpkins of his own but has not revealed his plans for them or if indeed they will even be carved or by whom. Those wishing to participate in the food preparation should contact Jean Poquette-Hansen at 920-864-2163.

Jean Poquette-Hansen has also announced plans to hold a bedazzling party for the cheerleaders to spruce up their uniforms the weekend after Halloween. Poquette-Hansen's recent gift of a bedazzler last Christmas will be put to the test to adorn Blue Jell-O and Red Gobbler uniforms  in preparation of the 10th anniversary of the Turkey Bowl. The date and location are yet to be determined. All cheerleaders and anyone interested are encouraged to attend.

The Halloween party is set for Halloween night October 31 at Dick and Cleens Hobart mansion 747 Florist Drive. The party will begin with the annual war of the worlds broadcast at 6:30 PM followed by the party and dancing at 7PM. Bring your own bottle. No loaded weapons please. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
James Seidl and Jean Poquette-Hansen