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October 25, 2009

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                   he annual pumpkin carving party held at the home of Jean Poquette Hansen in Greenleaf was not as well attended as in previous years probably due to the Mexican flu that has caused area schools to cancel classes. Poquette-Hansen who plans the event months in advance had obvious disappointment on her face as the small number of
An unknown child wanders in and watches in amazement as pumpkins are carved at Jean Poquette-Hansen's pumpkin carving party
children proceeded with the carving routine. The turnout was reserved to the Treml children and Poquette-Hansen's own grandchild as well as Bailey Prevost. A neighborhood child wandered in and watched as pumpkins were carved however because he was foreign to the group, according to rules laid out long ago he was not allowed to touch or work with pumpkins in any way.

Poor organization and general disinterest led to the party getting started late because no arrangements to bring tables had been made and Poquette-Hansen could not even muster a temporary set up for a carving table. Cleen Poquette already half way to the event with her grandchildren was pressed into service to find a table at the Poquette Homestead. Summoned by a rudimentary unreliable cell phone connection Poquette had to turn around and return to her home to get the table. Once at the party one table proved to be inadequate so Poquette summoned her husband Dick to procure and deliver another table to the event.
Jean Poquette Hansen stares out the window disappointed by the small turnout at her pumpkin carving party
Cleen Poquette
Now with enough equipment in place Poquette was able to continue her perfected carving craft uninterrupted. With the lack of healthy children on hand to carve Cleen took on the responsibility to finish the pumpkins they would have done had they been 
able. Poquette a known overachiever worked tirelessly as seeds, guts and small carved out pieces flew through the air during her efforts to finish all available pumpkins before nightfall. Working alone in the garage with only two small grandchildren to assist Poquette was able to finish all the pumpkins in time.

Some adults in the group were sick as well although their illness were not so well defined as one could point to a specific virus which attacked their immune system. Stephonia Prevost was able to muster the ambition to gather up her son Bailey and transport him to the affair but only after riding around most of Brown County in search of Greenleaf, finally after making another unreliable connection on a flea powered cell phone Prevost was able to produce her child for the carving party. Upon arrival she announced that she was indeed sick as well and her contribution for the day was to be small. I was immediately pressed into service to assist Bailey with his carving project.
Prevost who was too sick to help with pumpkins was not far enough over the horizon of health to limit her food intake apparently. As Bailey and I worked in a haze of orange as pumpkin pieces flew through the air, Prevost sat inside wolfing down one Carmel apple after another until they
were gone, then checking her watch multiple times while people were looking she announced she needed to leave for another appointment.

Gallons of chili and tens of pounds of sloppy Joe were portioned out and given to the few that attended and the party quietly folded upon itself as those in attendance departed.
Stephonia uses her sharp incisors to snap off another piece of Carmel apple
Lee VanLanen is coming home for a visit on November 6, 2009 and Shelly VanLanen is planning a special chicken night for the event at our home on County E in the Town of Oneida.
Lee VanLanen is due to arrive sometime during the day on the 6th, and will be on hand at the Chicken Night when the elder VanLanen's arrive. The party organized by Shelly Sobieck is planned to be a surprise for her mother and father, so she asks that you don't mention the arrival of their number two son ahead of time. It is not known how long
the boy will stay for the visit or if his own family will accompany him to Wisconsin. VanLanen who is the third oldest in the family left his Wisconsin roots 52 years ago and has limited his visits after becoming wealthy in the oil business discovering a breakthrough in refining methods allowing the oil companies to triple their profits.

The usual 5:30 to 6:30 arrival times are in play and it will last as long as people wish to stay. For more information people can call Shelly Sobieck at 920-676-6304 or email her at
Lee VanLanen
Justin Sobieck one time prospective buyer for L&E Machine on West Mason St. has abandoned his interest in the engine building business in favor of the towing business. It seems the late night wrecker calls align with Sobieck's lifestyle more so than keeping business in a shop.
Sobieck has been working full time at Advanced Auto Parts and doing part time work for Hilltop Towing since his departure from L&E Machine last December, but recently given the opportunity to buy into the company Sobieck decided to devote more time to the towing
business and less to auto parts sales and has decided to go part time at Advanced Auto Parts.

Since Sobieck has become part owner the company has invested in a new wrecker which allows operators to remain in the cab while the wrecker clamps on to the car by itself and secures it for towing.

With rain pounding down Megan Krueger and Steve Sampson became man and wife in St. Elizabeth Setan Church in Green Bay on Friday afternoon. The couple who has been together since high school walked into The S C Grand and said their hellos to everyone gathered at the ballroom.

The usual fine dinner was followed by speeches from various members of the wedding party and family and a slide show.

The Kat who had been drinking heavily throughout the time leading up to and including dinner became loud and obnoxious and had to be taken home early. From what I heard from people who stayed after we left it was a very good time on the dance floor. Trixie and Kevin Sobieck danced so much that Trixie got blisters on her feet. Kevin was not hurt by the dancing in any way.

Logan Sobieck who up to now had worked at the Robertson dairy has procured a job at the Bishops Court assisted living institute as a food service assistant. Sobieck who continues to work at the farm keeps regular hours at the institute and is now working limited hours at the farm.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Justin Sobieck
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo