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September 6, 2009

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                         ave Poquette left Wisconsin as a resident some 45 years ago but has returned every year since for a visit. This year is to be no exception with two visits planned within as many months. 
Poquette who returns yearly to help host the infamous "Turkey Bowl" has missed only one of the sports extravaganzas since it's inception in 2000. Absent though he was for the game it was not really his fault as his female companion at the moment became caught up in an unknown illness that Poquette had no control over.
Dave arrived on Saturday evening at around 6 PM and plans to stay the week visiting with relatives and friends. Although no mention has been made as to how long the Tennessee transplant will stay in the Oneida area it is thought that he may wander to the area of Oconto to visit his brother Steve and make the rounds to various relatives and former relatives scattered throughout the Fox Valley area.

Poquette is expected to stay through the week departing on the weekend sometime, in time to return to his job at Lettica Freight Lines in Clarksville TN, his home.

Jordyn Hansen daughter of Ashley Hansen and Mike VandenHueval had a severe asthma attack at the home of her Grandmother Jean Poquette Hansen.
For a long time now a controversy has been brewing as to whether doughnut holes are that, the parts removed from the center of the doughnut during the manufacturing process. Eileen Sobieck has had conversations with several individuals regarding the subject and the writer is no exception.
Sobieck a Hobart housewife for years, turned professional  seemed disturbed and a little irritated regarding the discrepancy not entirely wanting to believe that the confections were indeed just manufactured by themselves and had no connection to the actual doughnut making
process. Sobieck: "If those things aint the center of the actual doughnuts then they are doing false advertising."

So recently Sobieck approached the management of Festival Foods with the direct question, are these really the pieces removed from the center of the dough during the process of making the doughnut?
Sobieck put the question to employees and finally to store manager Mr. Shinderly.
Shinderly was unable to answer the question on the spot citing the fact he did not have knowledge of the finite details of the baking processes. But he assured Sobieck that he would get
those details so he may better answer her question.

Sobieck not happy with the lack of information about the product advised Shinderly that the continued use of the term "doughnut holes" without proof that the confection is actually what it is said to be is false advertising and the name had better be changed. After yet another examination by Sobieck along with Shinderly of her holes she determined that the part removed in the doughnut process would indeed be too small to produce the nice jumbo balls being passed off as doughnut holes.

Upon completion of the discussion Shinderly wrote a brief description of their conversation and observations of the holes and balls and promised Sobieck that he would personally look into the matter and get back to her after taking her phone number and address.  The store manager has contacted her and left a lengthily voice mail, but the contents of the message are not yet known to THE NEWSLETTER. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Mr. Shinderly
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
David "Peter" Poquette
JP Hansen picked up the 5 year old girl from daycare where she complained of being "tired" and all she wanted to do was sleep. Upon returning to her Greenleaf summer home the Queen allowed Jordyn to retire to the room where the dogs slept. Apparently Jordyn is allergic to dog dander and didn't know it, while she lay amongst the multiple dogs in the residence she became
asthmatic and had a hard time breathing and was unable to sleep. Jean Poquette Hansen called the mother immediately and banished the dogs from the room but her breathing condition did not improve. Ashley upon her arrival to the summer home then scooped up the child and took her to Aurora first care where upon after a short exam it was decided that Hansen should take the child to the emergency room. The child was admitted then put in ICU overnight. The Hansen child is home now resting comfortably after spending the night and most of the next day but she did have a bad scare.
Jordyn Hansen
Hansen's dogs never complained once during the ordeal and are back in their own room. Jordyn's mother Ashley who was put through an emotional wringer that evening was exhausted and needed some sleep.