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September 27, 2009

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Wool sweaters WANTED

Must be 100% wool,
will use for sewing project. 

Don't throw away, reuse. 

Please call me and I will pick up. 


Contact: Shelly Sobieck
         Or call me at 920-676-6304

Who is the nicest member of the Axis of Evil?
Jean Poquette Hansen
Trixie Sobieck
Stephonia Prevost

          ean Poquette Hansen had not been at Octoberfest in Appleton for some time, at least 10 years by her estimation. The ride to Appleton was interrupted by a short stop at the bank where James Seidl, JP Hansen's husband to be made the necessary arrangements to withdraw money. After we were on our way again a conversation ensued about cloth and plastic bags and what should we have brought if something had to be carried back from the craft show. A plastic bag littered the floor of the van and I wondered if James had it there for some reason to which he quipped "I brought that along because I thought Stephanie was coming and she might need a barf bag." Poquette-Hansen's ho hum attitude was about to be shattered as we entered the mile long end of summer celebration held directly on downtown Appleton's College Avenue.

The action is broken up into three sections with the furthest east end being the craft fair, for those of you who can remember visiting the fest when crafts were displayed on the grounds of Lawrence University that is no more now it's all on the street.  The middle of the mile is lined with food and beer vendors as well as information booths. Finally the West end of the celebration is reserved for the bands and what a selection there was, for the most part though the Kat and I and Jean and James stayed with The Vic Ferrari Band on the furthest west end. This location is right next to the Canadian National tracks and provides and excellent vantage point to see trains as well as the band.

Upon arrival we toured the Craft Show and bought nothing. After waiting in line for 10 minutes I finally procured a hamburger for me and the Kat. By this time our beer supply had been exhausted and we needed to find another beer stand. At this time The Lades arrived and after some miscues we rendezvoused with them near the bands. I tried to coax Tim and Joanne to get closer to the band but they would have no part of it, so The Kat, Jean and I pushed our way to the front of the crowd and managed to get a spot right in front of the
bandstand. Jean Poquette-Hansen was able to lean directly on the base speakers spread out in front of the stage where she soaked in all of the pleasant vibrations. Poquette-Hansen spent the rest of the afternoon with a smile on her face and a beer in her
hand and she only left to pee occasionally whereby she instructed the Kat to take her place by the speakers and save her spot. 

At 5:30PM everything was over and we departed the celebration. All of us were ravished and tried to come to some agreement where to have dinner. After some unfruitful exchanges we finally settled on "The out of town club" which is now highly inaccessible from US 41. We eventually made our way to the establishment and had dinner and as we waited in the car for James we were surprised to see him come out of the bar with a drink in hand in a real glass.

By this time James had worked up a powerful hankering for some porn and persuaded The Kat to drive us all to an out of the way adult book store on Green Bay's west side known as the "Lion's Den" however James kept referring to it as "The Wolf's Den." He insisted that it would be OK "There's something there for everyone" he told the Kat thinking she must visit the store often. We spent a short time there and then made our way back to Greenleaf where we left the happy couple and we went home.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
Queen of Chicken Night
Recently at a family function the Axis of Evil were pointing fingers at each other exclaiming that one was more evil than the other. Stephonia Prevost says she is the nicest one but the other two object citing numerous examples of her evil side ruling the day. The same scenario played out for each as they went through exhausting evil examples. Finally all were in agreement that the only final way to settle the argument was to let our readers determine who was the nicest of the three.
The Axis of Evil
And so it is that we have created a poll asking you who is the nicest of the Three. Rules of the poll are as follows: There can be only one vote per computer and the polls will close next Sunday at this time. All votes are anonymous but comments will be accepted by clicking the "Ask the Kat" button at the bottom of this screen. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Saturday Jean Hansen, Kat, James, and this writer visit Appleton's Octoberfest.