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April 4, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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                   fter making 15 dozen cookies for her work, my work and Birch Creek Assisted Living, The Kat has announced that she is done with cookie making until next Christmas.

The Kat's famous sour creme cookies have once again been in mass production for the Easter holiday. Not only had the aforementioned
cookie recipients been lucky enough to partake in the sugary delights but yet more cookies were produced to bring to Kevin and Trixie's house for Easter Day.

The Kat loves to make the cutout treats but after about a thousand cookies she is tired of baking and needs to take a
Easter Day 2010
break until next Christmas. She once announced that she would make cookies for every holiday decorated in the theme appropriate for each holiday, but since the demand for cookies has grown three fold for each holiday she now has decided to abandon the warm weather holidays. Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day will be cookieless says the Kat but she will start up her cookie plant for Halloween.

Logan Sobieck has come to an agreement with the owner of his car and agrees to run in every area race this summer but the ones at Seymour speedway in Seymour. Sobieck who took the checkered flag twice last year in four cylinder racing has sold his first car to Dick Poquette and last years car was already owned by Poquette.

Poquette who is in disagreement with the track and it's organizers at Seymour has asked Sobieck not
The Kat
A katandmick photo
Children gear up for the egg hunt while adults in the back look at items in the Sobieck garage as if it were a rummage sale.
to race at the track but encourages him to keep up with the sport by visiting other tracks. Poquette a former IMCA official himself resigned his duties after and election that did not turn out in his favor for chief officer of the racing club in Seymour that also runs and takes care of the track.
Logan Sobieck
As is the case every year an Easter egg hunt was held at the Kevin and Trixie Sobieck home on Florist Drive in Hobart. Children searched for hours to recover the 1, 745 eggs hidden through out the Sobieck property. The children were given special instructions to help them not get hurt on some of the bobby trapped eggs. Children were told about trap doors, snake pits, and Gila monsters near their treats to help make the hunt more meaningful and adventurous. Bailey Prevost had his arm pulled back by Samantha Treml after she saw him about to reach under a rock. Prevost was who reaching for an obvious egg was glad he was stopped by Treml  after She turned the rock over with a stick he saw that he would have been bitten by a Gila monster. Treml told the boy: "The never let go, they're still hanging on long after the one they have bitten is dead."

1,750 eggs were found noting that 5 eggs were from last year.

Cleen Poquette is scheduled to have a routine CT scan of her chest area around her heart to check on a artery from her heart and a aneurysm discovered there last fall. Poquette is to have the procedure every 6 months to monitor the abnormality with the possibility of surgery should the ballooned artery become excessive in size. That's all the news that is news, see ya.