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April 11, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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JoAnne Lade
                  ccording to a recent posting on her facebook page Cleen Poquette will be visiting her doctor for the second time in as many weeks for a examination to identify a 1" growth on one of her ovaries.

Poquette 46, went in on Friday for what is known as a CT scan, a curious medical procedure whereby
the innerards of a human are examined for size and color through the use of electronic gear. The necessary equipment  consists of spark generators, lightning, and an examination table suspended by chains and able to be hoisted through the roof of the clinic.
Poquette was forced to go through the procedure to verify the size of an aneurysm on one of her main arteries, apparently that problem is still in check however while undergoing the procedure a 1" growth was found on one of her ovaries. The growth has not been identified according to Poquette and may just be a cyst, however no chances are being taken and she is scheduled for further examination on Wednesday.

Sarah Angel Poquette, Cleen's daughter has offered her mother her unconditional support during the crises except of course if she is at work whereby Phoenix Daniels is to be pressed into service for Sarah Angel. Sarah Angel Poquette responded to Cleen's facebook posting with the decree.

A group of 8 of us made a pact weeks ago to have dinner at a local inn then take in the show band Hairball at the establishment known as Tom Dick and Harry's.
Cleen Poquette
Later Lade made her way to the venue for the concert as well. However Lade stopped short of actually attending the show and ended the evening early when our group entered the concert hall.

"Hairball" a tribute band made it's third appearance last night in the here and has a small following in the Green Bay, Fox Valley area. The band plays all hit songs from national acts such as Poison, AC-DC, Guns N Roses and the like. The Night Club Tom Dick and Harry's who hosted the event is a converted swimming pool showroom and is a huge establishment. The concert room which is estimated to hold about 500 people was well over half full with about 300 in attendance. Most of the group purchased advanced tickets at $15 each.

With the promise of an early summer on the way casual golfers have begun talking about getting on the lynx to sharpen up their skills moving the little white ball. Several golfers in the family spoke of getting together for a round of golf sometime in summer.

Stephonia Prevost who along with her husband owns the Royal Scot Mansion located on the beautiful Royal Scot Golf Course near New Franken. Prevost has volunteered to
arrange a family golf outing at the Royal Scot if enough interest is generated. To find out how much interest is out there a poll on this page will be used to get random feed back to see if it is viable. Check the number of people that you think will go from your group. If enough interest is shown here a more formal sign up  process will be put into place in a following publication. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Stephonia Prevost

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Joanne Lade who learned of the event just Saturday agreed to meet the group at the selected inn, Margaritas in Ashwaubenon. Lade met up with several friends also at the bar to celebrate a bachelorette party and she bounced back and forth between our group and theirs.