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April 18, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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                              ith little or no deliberation the scheduled September wedding between Ashley Hansen and renown 5 MAN band member Michael Van Den Heuvel has been canceled. Van Den Heuvel the guitarist for the band called upon Hansen for her hand in marriage last year during a concert on live security television cameras at an outdoor venue in Wisconsin.
Hansen gushing with pride accepted the offer however her position in a secluded portion of the audience was hidden from the security cameras so it was not to be seen by the limited security guard audience. Even though the proposal was only one sided in video coverage it did fulfill Van Den Heuvel's dream to propose
Ashley Hansen
A September Wedding was called off for 5 Man Guitarist Michael Van Den Heuvel (far right) and his bride to be Ashley Hansen
to his future wife during a concert on live TV.

The announcement which came on Easter Sunday at the Sobieck residence in Hobart, the site of an Easter egg hunt in which Hansen and Van Den Heuvel's daughter Jordan was participating in. The news was received by Ashley's mother Jean Poquette-Hansen with little interest and almost no
reaction, as Poquette-Hansen tried to remain as detached as possible from the wedding planning. Poquette-Hansen who readily admits to having no skill or ability to plan such elaborate events as a wedding told her daughter Ashley she could
be of no assistance to her and wouldn't even try to help.

Ashley who has no social experience when wedding planning is necessary turned to her sister Jessica for help. Jessica a true professional immediately offered her assistance and pursued the planning issues with vigor and aggressiveness securing a hall and making the dinner plans. But alas it was all for naught when the announcement came on Easter Sunday of the cancellation. Heartbroken and exhausted from planning Jessica Poquette remained at her domicile on Easter Sunday unable to face the family after hearing the news. A call from her younger sister on Easterday brightened her up a bit when she heard that the wedding was not called off because of failed of love but for financial reasons.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
The couple needed the money that would have been used on the wedding to purchase a home. It seems that the Michael has a chance to purchase a home and as a first time home buyer he is eligible for  the $7, 000 tax rebate from the federal government for aforementioned buyers. Even though one would think a band member with the celebrity status of Michael's would be finanacially stable enough to pay cash for a home it seems that the music business in not quite as lucritive as in the past and Van Den Heuvel needs to borrow some money to buy the home.

The couple is still expected to marry eventually but a new date has not yet been announced. Perhaps Michael will announce a new date at an upcoming concert.

The Golfing web poll has showen 16 people interested in a family golf outing so far, there's still one week left to ring in if you haven't yet. That's all the news that is news, see ya.