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August 22, 2010

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                he highly touted and extensively promoted Poquette Family Golf Outing has failed to live up to expectations as reported by many who attended as well as golf course management.

Those attending, 24 in all played an unorganized match between themselves with no real goals to strive for. The games took an extremely long time because of the unorganized type of structure. Teams were waiting for each other all the time and in only one case did a team actually advance past another slower team. The tee time was at 12:30 but the games did not finish until about 4PM, an unacceptable amount of time to occupy a golf course in terms of management.

James Seidl commented that the owners of Royal Scot commented that our group cost the course hundreds of dollars in fees they could have collected from other golfers who would have utilized
A katandmick photo
Golfers await the start of the games at the Royal Scot
the course in a better, less wasteful manner. The heart of the problem Seidl went on to say was the way the golfers advanced through out the course. A game known as "best ball" was supposed to be used with a big party such as ours whereby golfers shoot from the spot on the course where the farthest or "best" ball landed instead of individual
golfers playing their own game. Many of the golfers on hand were inexperienced and poor for the most part, short hops and many strokes extend the agony of poor skills to the point of frustration. Several golfers gave up half way through because of their poor performance.
James Seidl
Jean Poquette Hansen who at the Timber Rattler Outing was as enthusiastic about the golf outing as one could be. She was one of the golfers who quit after the third hole leaving her partner Consuelo Rivera to
A couple of the more experienced teams did play the "Best Ball" scenario thoughit was not enough to make up for the rest of the group who failed to keep up. To make matters worse the grounds were soaked from a downpour the day before when a heavy rain came in with no warning and flooded streets in De Pere and did wind damage in the Greenleaf area. Jean Poquette-Hansen lost part of her roof to the high winds and had to hire a group of Mexicans in the middle of the night to come and tarp her roof to protect her home from the rain.
golf alone while Poquette-Hansen chased the beer cart girl around when she wasn't looking for an outhouse where she could urinate. 
Jean Poquette-Hansen
Consuelo Rivera, invited by Jean Poquette-Hansen as her guest was interviewed after the game and was asked if she had a good time. She said "It was OK." When asked what would have made the experience better she replied that it would have been nice to have
someone to golf with. Apparently Poquette-Hansen had invited Riviera to the function then abandoned her in favor of drinking beer and driving the golf cart, while Rivera attempted to carry
on with a serious golf game of which Poquette-Hansen had no interest.
It didn't take long before Rivera got the picture and abandoned play on her last two holes as well. Rivera was invited to the Prevosts for the golfers dinner but only stayed a few minutes just enough to say hello to the Kat and then left for the evening.

After the rounds had completed several of the golfers assembled at the bar inside to make small talk about their game and chat for a few minutes before heading to the Prevosts for the after game dinner.

A large number of people assembled at the Prevost Mansion built on the grounds of the Royal Scot for the dinner after the games. So many unannounced people attended the dinner that golfers went hungry because the hosts had run out of food before everyone had eaten. Those who could subsist on cheese curds and watermelon were without complaint but others who longed for solid food found themselves stopping on the way home for a hamburger.

I suspect this is the last we will see of a golf outing because of the great discontent felt by many in the group. It really is too bad because it could have been a good thing to bring a lot of family members together whom we rarely see.

Fresh from the African jungle Chrissie Meeuwsen is making her presence known in Wisconsin again. Meeuwsen was the center of attention last Sunday afternoon when her mother Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen gave a lunch party for her daughters return form Africa.
Consuelo Rivera
Meeuwsen is making up for her two year absence by looking up old friends and getting together with family she has not seen for a while.
Meeuwsen was asked if she has considered playing in the Turkey Bowl this year and she answered with a resounding "Yes", and added
she is looking forward at coming back and will try out for the position of punter. Meeuwsen had previously been bared from the position due to her club leg giving her an unfair advantage. Since her recent employment in Africa her club leg has shrunk and is no longer a threat to the other team as it were.

Meeuwsen will leave for Florida to visit her parents in Satellite City on September 1 and then will leave to go to New York City on September 26th. Meeuwsen says she will seek employment in the big apple and try that for a while. She has not ruled out going on to more school however. 

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Chrissie Meeuwsen