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August 29, 2010

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                  ast weeks coverage of the "Poquette Family Golf Outing" was met with serious disapproval by some who voiced objections both publicly and privately.

Last weeks article about the golf outing caused the KAMR switch board to light up with unhappy callers complaining about what they say was "unfair coverage" about the event which took place at The Royal Scot Golf Course in New Franken. Stephonia Prevost the most vocal, defended her planning of the event commenting that "It was the first one, and there're are lots of things that can be done different next year." While at no time did this publication indicate that Prevost was to blame for the failure of the event, she took offence at the remarks made last week in spite of our attempt to shield her from any speculation of the sort. The Kat said that Prevost even went so far as to burn the folding lawn chairs this reporter mistakenly left behind on the Prevosts deck.

As our moniker above suggests "We don't make the news, we just report it" everything that was published in last weeks story covering the event was true, however our projection that the event would not continue to survive given this years disorganization appears to be false. While The Newsletter predicted a large number of people would show discontent over the results and not return, just the opposite seems to have occurred. The majority of the people involved felt that the event could be made better and are willing to come back next year and try it again. No one can know for sure, but to get the public's opinion of the future of the event a poll will be run this week to see the interest for another golf outing to be scheduled for next year.

Should the Family Golf Outing continue The KAMR would have a number of suggestions that would make things run smoother. First off all teams should play the same game. XPFL official and near professional golfer Earl Poquette Jr. should preside over the game and it's rules. All questions regarding the rules of the game and or decisions will go through Earl Poquette Jr.

The game played should be either Scramble or Florida Scramble as Earl Poquette Jr. suggested the day of this years tournament. A group score is determined and prizes are awarded at the after golf party. Prizes could be for best score, worst score, and any variations desired from each end of the scale. 

The after party dinner should require each party attending to bring their own meat and buns for the grill. Each of those attending can bring a dish to pass if they wish. The hosts would cook the meat.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Stephonia Prevost with her Aunt Trixie shows contempt for the media
A katandmick photo
Kat, I don't think we should give up so easily on the
Poquette Family Golf Outing. Some of us did have a good time. I think if everyone knew what the rules and regulations were, the outcome would of been different. I speak for a lot of us, we would hate to see this outing go away so fast.
What do you think?

"Tigers Wood" Team

There seems to be some question as to the success of the golf outing. Perhaps you could have a poll, as I think you were not fair and balanced as I am sure The Kat and Mick report always strives to be.

"Truth In The News"   

Dear ask the Kat: I would like to know why you were so
harsh about the golf outing? After all it was the first one. Are you so perfect that there is no margin for error? I thought the first of any thing is always a little unorganized that's what makes things interesting, and don't most people learn from their mistakes?


While I'm usually too busy cooking, cleaning my house, and taking care of my grandchildren to go golfing I do hear about such things from the men folk. They seemed disappointed in last weeks golf outing and they must know what the' re talking about. I suppose if enough of you are willing to try it again I would be able to baby sit again and help with the after golf gathering.
This week we were bombarded by a number of comments from readers concerning the Poquette Family Golf Outing. I've picked out three of the letters as a sample for you. The first is from the team "Tigers Wood" another is from a media watchdog group called "Truth In The News" and yet another is from an anonymous source signed simply as "Saddened".

Should the Poquette Family Golf Outing continue and become an annual event??
Yes, it was great and I would go again.
I would go again if Barrack Obama is there.
Have it if you want but I'll never go again.
No it sucked and should never be held again.