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December 5, 2010

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Dave Poquette
             ome time during the past week the home of XPFL color commentator Dave Poquette was broken into and items were stolen.

Poquette an over the road truck driver spends most of his time on the road with occasional visits home during mid week, but mostly only on the weekend is he home on a regular basis. Poquette had just relocated to a home in Clarksville Tennessee after
his marriage to his fourth wife failed where they resided in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Clarksville, a city a little larger than Green Bay is not known to have an excessive crime rate, however it's airport is named Outlaw Field. Poquette's home is located in an area considered to be growing upscale
community however it is also in an area which is somewhat cut off from other parts of the city because it's a new development and much farm land still co-exists with new dwellings and sub divisions. Poquette likes the area because there is a Tractor Supply store near by.

He described the break in as "not too bad" on his facebook page listing the items missing as his TV, his fathers wedding ring, his change machine, and his class ring. The thieves apparently taking only things that could be sold quickly for cash.

The Poquette Family has always considered Christmas Eve the time for relatives to congregate. Christmas Day is always occupied by people staying home with their families or going to the relatives from the other side of the family.

The Kat and I here at the KAMR offices have hosted the gathering for a long time, at least 15 years. Others have suggested from time to time that some facility should be rented or a larger venue be found for the  event. Most of the family members though seemed to like the idea of visiting another family members home for the holiday rather than a cold and open hall of some sort.

Now with three generations packing into our modest sized home, room is becoming somewhat of an

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The marker with the A, the site of Tractor Supply is near where Poquette's home is located
issue. Jean Poquette-Hansen suggested at a recent gathering that the Treml's take up the tradition, since they have ample room and many more bathrooms (a major concern for people with incontinence). The Kat who has been known in the
past to be thrown into great anguish about the event being held at a different home said she is willing to relieve herself from the Christmas Eve responsibility. Judy Treml who was a bit taken back by a surprise of sort was in agreement at having the
party at her home. The Kat however is insisting that Christmas Eve 2010 remain here at the KAMR headquarters for this year,  because of the Treml's recent move and the need for time to settle in. The 2011 party (next year) is to be at the Treml's new home on Haven Drive. Details on this years party to follow in upcoming news letters.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Judy Treml