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December 12, 2010

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           n her usual extraordinary fashion Jean Poquette-Hansen on hands and knees at times assisted in the organizing and cleaning of the garage for the Christmas Eve event at the headquarters of The Kat and Mick Report.

As many of you know the annual Christmas Eve gathering held at The Kat and Mick headquarters is approaching. As usual one of the more popular gathering areas is the garage, the designated smoking area and also the location of the big screen where Turkey Bowl XI will be screened. This years spectacle is expected to be attended heavily by Red Gobblers players and fans alike since they had not taken possession of the trophy for the last 7 years now.

Poquette-Hansen eager to please her hosts drank no alcohol while conducting her cleaning frenzy, a most unusual practice for the former queen of chicken night. She even brought along her youngest offspring Ben, a juvenile boy of great strength who was able to help with the moving of cabinetry and glass pieces in the garage. 

While Poquette-Hansen and her spawn were busy in the garage, Joanne Lade and Judy Treml were busy in the kitchen along with the Kat preparing the ingredients for meat pie filling. The pie crusts were baked and filled but the finish baking was left up to the recipient to perform before consuming. The pie making is a tradition traced back to the upper Michigan ancestors of Mary Poquette who in days gone by prepared beef and pork with spices and inserted it between a pie crust. The completed delicacy was to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve after midnight mass. Those with less than perfect stomachs would also have a few Tums before going to bed.
A katandmick photo
Jean Poquette-Hansen rests after a tiring ordeal
blow by blow accounts of the Gobblers victory during the Christmas Eve screening. He also stated that he will stay briefly after the screening to answer questions and sign
Brandon Pickett
autographs. Pickett went on to comment that he thought this victory marks the start of a long winning streak in store for the Gobblers. When asked what he thought tipped the scales in their favor this year he cited the absence of Justin Sobieck on the Jell-O's and the reactivation of former team mate Jason Schmunkey as key to their victory.

In a hand written note passed to his favorite girl, Bailey Prevost made suggestive remarks to a second grade  female student. Prevost also a
second grader at the school was apparently unaware the girl narked on him. The girl turned the note over to her father who in turn contacted Prevosts mother Stephonia. Stephonia who has no other children and no precedent to go by regarding the sexual harassment of the unidentified female
student, could not be reached for comment. It is thought that Prevost will now be enrolled in sexual harassment training. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Bailey Prevost
XPFL commissioner and Red Gobbler team captain Brandon Pickett is expected to be on hand to give