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December 19, 2010

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            ean Poquette-Hansen began the night early, what with mixing up the start time of the party and not wanting to ask yet again for the correct time. The Queen of Chicken Night arrived 15 minutes prior to the official opening of the party which was to begin at 5:30 PM at the home of Trixie and Kevin Sobieck where it has been for the last 12 years.

No less than 25 bottles of wine were brought to the party and Poquette-Hansen was able to sample wine from the 13 bottles that were opened that night. She began to feel sick after finishing a
large green ice cream drink called a grasshopper. James Seidl Poquette-Hansen's fiancee, surmised that after the consumption of so much wine topped off with the ice cream drink was the killer. She began to feel sick after consuming the popular after dinner
drink and remained stressed for the rest of the evening.  Poquette-Hansen and Seidl were the first to leave the annual event shortly after the gift exchange.

Much preparation went into the event this year where the main course for the evening was Beef Wellington. The house was decorated in the Christmas fashion and the tree was again adorned with motorized ornaments however, the nations most popular and trendy ornament the hamburgler was noticeably absent from the tree.

The gift exchange was again the random collection of junk cast out of the houses of members and rescued at the last minute, wrapped and given to some unsuspecting party attendee. The usual random exchange ceremony had been omitted this year because everyone had forgotten to chose a method for it. I was summoned, but without a script I was unable to perform the ceremony to my satisfaction so I inconspicuously left the room to return to the kitchen and converse with the men. Most people who received gifts seemed to find their package acceptable with a few seeming to really like their surprise.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
A katandmick photo
Scott Treml (front) looks amused as FC party goers consume bottle after bottle of wine and hors devours as James Seidl (right) talks incessantly.
The Kat received a real gift from Stephonia Prevost (the youngest member of The Axis of Evil) in return for hard work on a Halloween costume that was conceived by the adolescent and convinced his mom to have her Aunt Kat construct it. Upon arrival to the party Prevost produced a small package and an card. The
contained a new bead for The Kat's Pandora bracelet that she had received from the writer on her birthday. The new bead along with the three she had just received added a new look and weight to the bracelet.

Those attending Christmas Eve at the KAMR headquarters this year should be aware that the meat and buns and potato's will be provided. If you wish to bring a dish you should call the Kat so she can co-ordinate them and avoid repeating. Because of last years shortage of drinks, those attending should also be aware that only a limited amount of non alcoholic punch will be provided and if you desire soda or an alcoholic beverage it should be included in your list to bring along. Scott Treml informed us that the Turkey Bowl DVD production is complete so the usual viewing will be available again as usual in the garage. That's all the news that is news, see ya.