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December 26, 2010

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         t has not even been a year since we heard the news that the Meeuwsen's were moving to the state of Florida, Christmas Eve the couple declared plans to move back among the badgers in spite of their long time dream to live in the sun shine state.

Christmas Eve Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen told of their plans to return to Wisconsin and live once again in the land of the frozen tundra. Clearly this was the idea of Mary who beamed as she broke the news
Meeuwsen forlorn as he tells of their return
The couple began their journey to Florida with a fact finding mission in January beginning with South Carolina where Dick deemed the weather to cold and unpredictable. From there they moved on the central Florida and settled on a home they had found for sale in Sebastian. They made arrangements to purchase the home and returned to Wisconsin to pack up.
while Dick sat quietly mulling over thoughts of preparing to move once again. Dick who spoke of living in warm climate as early as the 70's appeared to be cooperative with the decision but it was obvious that he did not agree with Mary's notion of returning to Wisconsin and it's cold climate.
Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen
The usual baked ham and bread were the main course of the meal with a side of scalloped potato's. The feast was also augmented by attendees bringing such things as meat balls, cocktail weenies, and a variety of snack foods as well as deserts. The party also hosted the premier showing of the completed DVD of Turkey Bowl XI. The Red Gobblers return to victory after a 3 year dry spell. The party was all but dead by 11 PM with only a few stragglers left behind.

With printing problems plaguing the distribution of the annual calendar fund raising campaign for the Turkey Bowl this year, delivery of the calendars on Christmas Eve was not possible. The 18 calendars are ready for distribution now however and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. The usual price of $15 is still in tact and they can either be picked up at the KAMR headquarters or mailed out if you can't get here. To reserve yours simply call us at 869-2368, or drop me an email at

This years calendars again feature great photos of people as they appear at public or family events. Birthdays also are listed on the calendar pages. 

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
They moved in February this year to Florida taking only what they could get in their two cars and their two dogs, but upon arrival to Sebastian they found discrepancies with the prospective home and decided to opt out of the sale citing dishonesty by
the home owner. From there they moved on to look for housing near Cocoa beach.

After spending several nights sleeping in their cars they settled on a rental unit in a small town named Satellite City. This is where they have been since their move in February. Dick explained that their lease is up in February and they will again be moving, this time back to Wisconsin.

The usual crowd showed up at the annual Christmas Eve party at the Pickett home with about 50 people attending. The attendance is down a bit since it's peak popularity in the early part of the century when attendance was calculated to reach as high as 67.
The Axis of Evil send out their usual Christmas greeting.