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February 7, 2010

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             ust as the new year settles in and we all are grateful that it has been kind to us thus far one of the Axis of Evil is yet again planning to change careers. Stephonia Prevost is planning retraining to be able to intensify her human intervention skills in order that they may used to help those in need of counseling.

Prevost who already has a degree in criminal justice is seeking knowledge in more of a preemptive roll in
the lives of those troubled people, so she is going to go back to school to be a counselor.  She says it's to help those in need who have been troubled in many different types of ways.  Prevost who currently works at the Family Violence Center is tired of training families to be violent and suggests that if families
don't know how to be violent on their own we shouldn't be teaching them to be that way. Prevost who doesn't fully understand family violence admits she doesn't have a degree in violence but thinks she is qualified to do the job because she does have a degree in irritation. Prevost: "If your good at irritation like me you can understand violence and how to do it. You don't have to be irritating to be violent but you do have to be violent to be irritating and that's me."

Prevost imagines herself working at E.A.P initialed so for the Employee Assistance Program. She feels that with her criminal justice degree coupled with her family violence training she would be a perfect candidate for helping the troubled people that are frustrated at work or worse yet mentally unstable with the possibility of hurting themselves or someone else. Prevost is seeking further education to be qualified for that position. Just where she will be taking her new courses is not yet known and she says she will contact us when her schooling begins.
Stephonia Prevost
A katandmick photo
Family violence professional Stephonia Prevost looks on as she coaches members of her own family on proper violence techniques
Mary and Dick Meeuwsen have left the state of Wisconsin on Wednesday February 3rd one day past the original drop dead date of departure announced by the couple two weeks earlier.

Violence again was almost an issue as the couple fought about what to take to their new southern home in Florida. It seemed that Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen had strongly suggested to her husband Richard Meeuwsen that they should rent a truck and move some of their more frequently used personal property to the new home. Richard objected to her suggestion and refused to do so citing the trouble with the move and the help needed to do so, opting instead to purchase new items upon their arrival. As far as we know Richard won and the couple set forth to Florida with two cars loaded with stuff and the two dogs and that's all.

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