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February 21, 2010

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              al Snell-Tingley, the younger sister of Clara Pickett, celebrated her birthday on Friday but one week earlier she was surprised by friends and family at Sidelines in Ashwaubenon.

Even as the Kat and I were preparing for the party on our way to Sidelines who rolls by but Val Snell-Tingley on her way home with Tyler her youngest son. She spots us on the highway and waves as she takes the lane next to us and cruises by preparing to make a left turn. The Kat and I both looked at each other and commented on the coincidence. We travel 172 frequently but never before had we seen Val Snell Tingley in transit with child. As Val Snell-Tingley continued making her way to her home the Kat and I proceeded to Sidelines.

Upon arrival I parked the car in the K-Mart parking lot so as not to raise suspicion when Snell-Tingley arrives. I had planned to just park in the Sidelines lot reasoning the Snell-Tingley would never remember what our car looked like, but our earlier chance meeting would negate that reasoning. Once inside the warmth from the inn was pleasant after the hike from the other side of the street and lonesome parking lot. Everyone had decided to put off ordering dinner until after the birthday girl arrived, favoring having a few cocktails to make the welcoming a little more lively.

The usually prompt Snell-Tingley was a bit off on timing arriving shortly before 6:30PM. As she entered the back room and started coming around the bar the crowd shouted "Surprise" and Snell-Tingley seemed truly taken back by the attention. After mingling a bit and making her way around the room to give out her "hello's, and thanks for coming" greetings, Snell Tingley along with everyone else ordered dinner. Beer was provided by Joel Tingley Val Snell Tingley's first husband, none was consumed by the this writer because of my paper delivery duties later in the evening. 
Val Snell Tingley surprised by a small gathering at Sidelines in Ashwaubenon
The usual extended wait at Sidelines for the food made the evening drag on a bit longer than I would have wanted but the usual high standards of quality prevailed again making dinner a delight.

The evening was capped off by the serving of the cake which was brought to the bar early in the evening. Most enjoyed the cake as a desert after dinner.

The party was organized by Snell-Tingley's first husband Joel Tingley and her older sister Clara Pickett. Snell-Tingley's 35th birthday will not be forgotten by her for a long time.

Members of the current Fat Club are to meet next Saturday morning right here at the KAMR headquarters on County Road E in the Town of Oneida. The club which has recently changed the day of the week and the frequency (every two weeks) of the meetings have also decided to keep meeting at the KAMR headquarters and keep it as their central location.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.