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January 10, 2010

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                    ith less than 11 months to go before the Sobieck-Rezek wedding, Brittany Sobieck along with her wedding party and key members of the Rezek family agreed to assemble to find the bride a wedding dress and formal wear for the brides maids designed to embellish the brides attire.

Brittany's maid of honor and the youngest member of The Axis of Evil Stephonia Prevost was hustling to ready herself for the day long event on Saturday morning but took a few moments to chat with KAMR reporters about the plans. Prevost excited to
be named maid of honor feels that the title bestows great honor on her and that it also allows her to be the boss over all the other brides maids. Prevost who is bossy by nature is insisting that all brides maids be fit and trim for the wedding. She already has a diet an exercise regiment in mind for the remaining brides
Brittany Sobieck with her mother Trixie voted nicest member of the Axis of Evil.
Maid of honor Stephonia Prevost
maids so that they are all in shape and knock out gorgeous for the wedding.

The group went shopping for the dress at the shoppe known as The Bridal Event on North Richmond St. in Appleton. Because the shop does not take reservations the group had to wait nearly and hour and a half before Brittany was able to try on any dresses. That was just barely enough time for Shephonia to sneak over to the Fox River Mall for a Cinnabon and a large soda.  After the wait Brittany selected a dress that I'm told is quite stunning and at modest price, while Stephonia on a sugar buzz sorted through the dress scurrying from rack to rack.

Exhausted from looking at dresses the group did not have the energy to move on to selecting dresses for the brides maids, and while Stephonia napped in the car the rest decided to visit Coaches Corner in De Pere (formerly Hudson's) after a short discussion in the car. Upon arrival they woke up Prevost and went in to swill down beer and shots.

Jean Poquette-Hansen once before denied the opportunity to purchase a tee shirt for anytime double bubble was pleased to discover they were willing to accommodate her this time.  Yet another date will need to be set to outfit the brides maids.
A katandmick photo
The plans are not yet finalized as to whether the couple is to have a coin shower or just a bridal shower before the wedding. Trixie's plans for the summer party at her employer Birch Creek Assisted Living it is thought may conflict with the shower weekend. The date needs to be finalized before plans can be announced.

This week the date was finalized for the Clara and Brandon Picketts baby shower. Although no other details are available at this time, Sunday February 28 is the date selected at this time for the shower. Val Snell-Tingley is planning the affair and the location is Tentatively at her fathers church in Green Bay.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jeremy risks great injury as he rescues Brittany from Empire forces
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