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January 17, 2010

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Long time Suamico residents Mary and Dick Meeuwsen say good bye to Wisconsin and it's harsh winters.
                  isconsin has been the home state of Dick and Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen for their entire lives. That is about to change and furthermore the change is already in progress.

In a recent facebook post Doats reported that she along with her husband Dick were about to depart for a visit to warmer climate for a while. In the post she mentioned South Carolina but upon arrival to the eastern seaboard state the couple was not impressed by the low temperatures and decided to move on further down to the south. It is no secret that the couples dream has always been to live in Florida and that is where they headed.

Moving down the coast like sliding the thermostat from the bottom to the top they finally settled down in Sebastian Florida and decided to stay a while and check out the area. They liked what they found, affordable housing, good leads on employment and nice weather, in fact it was 70 degrees when Doats called her younger sister Judy to tell her of the find.

The couple have already done their home shopping and have put in an offer on a home. They plan to close the deal and make a short come back to Wisconsin and turn around and go right back to start their new life in Florida in early February. Sebastian Florida located about 30 miles south of Cape Canaveral is on the eastern side of the state. Withe over a hundred miles to Kissimmee Florida the couple's dreams of working at Disneyland will not come to pass but Doats reports that visiting home health nurses are needed in Florida and she should be able to move right in to a new job smoothly.

For Richard there is no telling what he will do for a living given his mysterious entrepreneurial online background. Knowing only that he does something on the Internet he should be able to keep doing the same thing in Florida provided his Internet connection is hooked up in a timely fashion.

The Suamico home which has been their domicile for the last 40 years and where by the way they raised their two youngest children will remain in their hands legally but will be occupied by their youngest son Adam. It is assumed that Adam will be the caretaker and keep the home in good repair and not allow the parties to become so out of hand allowing the estate to become damaged in any way.

Chrissy Meeuwsen who is away serving in the Peace Corps is expected to return in the summer but it is not yet known where the only daughter of the couple will return to, Wisconsin or Florida. The couple may trick the aid worker by not telling her that they have moved as she continues her plans to return to her beloved Wisconsin only to find her homestead littered with beer cans and passed out hookers, or they may tell her to go directly to Florida and prepare her for the horrible scenes she will witness when she returns to Wisconsin.

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Map of Meewusen's new Florida location
A katandmick photo
Mary Ann "Doats" and Richard Meeuwsen
Doats had unveiled a plan several years ago to move to Florida however at that time her granddaughter Katrina had attached herself to Doats so intensely that the Grandmother instincts in her would not allow her to abandon Katrina for a life in the sun. Since that time Katrina has grown older and like many things that diminish during menopause those grandmotherly instincts have gone away as well allowing her to abandon her Wisconsin family for a warmer existence.

Doats and Dick are to return by the the end of this week where they will be able to fill us in on more details of the venture and all the plans that have evolved. Doats plans on visiting the Fat Club gathering on Friday at Peggy Pickett's house where KAMR reporters will await for the story.

With this move Doats will join John, Peter, Cheryl, and Mike as five of the original 16 children of Earl and Mary Poquette who now live out of the state of Wisconsin. That's all the news that is news, see ya.