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January 31, 2010

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Jessie Poquette proudly shows off her award
         essie Poquette has been awarded the award for the most profitable branch of money lending business Check Mate for the third time in as many years.

Poquette the branch manager of the local Check Mate in Green Bay proudly attended the regional conference where managers rub elbows and otherwise hob knob with fellow lending wizards. Her thoughts were that she may have a shot at maybe coming in second or third place humbly realizing that it would be unlikely that she would be top banana three years in a row. But as fate would have it the hard working are rewarded and so it was that she indeed was the top selling branch of all in Wisconsin.

Poquette the daughter of Jean Poquette-Hansen and Jerry Lerquin has always strived to live up to the expectations set forth by her mother as she  compared her to her other offspring.  Ben Hansen
still in high school has already achieved a standard Poquette will find hard to duplicate much less exceed. Hansen a self proclaimed rapper has already had songs written by him that experts say if they were published would be hit songs. Poquette who has no musical talent of her own encourages her brother in his musical endeavors but admits
her talent is abysmal when it comes to the arts.

Poquette's sister Ashley Hansen is the amazingly successful business manager for such wildly popular bands as 5 Man, a band her significant other is on coincidently.
Ben Hansen (middle) also known as Nortories B.E.N.
Hansen who works daily as a staffing specialist for a local temp agency manages the talent on her time off and weekends scheduling appearances and arranging media appearances for the band as time allows.
Ashley Hansen
Jessie Poquette's mother Jean has set high standards for her children and continually monitors their progress to make sure they are following her plan.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
Early in Poquette's career she was unable to achieve the award status that she enjoys at the present time. Jean felt that Jessie could do better if she could achieve smaller loans in greater
numbers. That's when the two got the idea that it would be a good idea to boost her numbers with loaning to people who needed beverages and reading material. Poquette began loaning money to people who needed change for soda machines or newspaper boxes rather than them seeking to make change from a bill. The idea, borrow the change from Jessie for your soda or paper then pay it back tomorrow. The volume with the one day loans boosted her loan volume to the point where she was surpassing other branches that were promoting conventional loans to people who wanted to squander the loaned money on car repairs, gasoline, groceries, and other so called necessities. Poquette's change loans are so successful that she is thinking of expanding to laundromats and parking meters next.

Along with the award Poquette received a check for
$2, 500.00 regular loan agreements were waived and she gets to keep the money. That's all the news that is news, see ya.