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March 7, 2010

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What seats should we reserve July 17th?
Patio tables $48 ea seats 4. 5 tables min.
Box seats $8 each with sale of 20 tickets min.
Bleacher seating $6.50 each with 20 tickets min.

                    cording to two reliable sources Sarah Angel Poquette and Phoenix Daniels are expecting a child in October. An unnamed source claims to have talked to Poquette's mother Cleen Angel Poquette and was told that the due date is sometime in October. Although Cleen did not elaborate on the expectant mother she did confirm that the father is Phoenix Daniels.

A katandmick photo
Phoenix Daniels and Sarah Angel Poquette
Although numerous attempts have been made to contact Sarah Angel Poquette emails have not been returned. Since then a second unnamed source has come forward to say that Poquette's father Richard Angel Poquette, owner of Richard Poquette auto repair on West Mason Street told him that Sarah was indeed carrying Phoenix Daniels baby.
Richard Angel Poquette
The expectant couple who recently returned from a trip to Delaware to attend Daniels mothers wedding broke the news shortly before their departure. Daniels who came to Wisconsin for the first time in December after removing himself from a previous engagement at home came here to be with Sarah Angel. He has made the trip back to Delaware twice since his arrival but apparently plans to settle in Wisconsin with his Sarah Angel.

Sarah Angel is employed by Mac Donald's on Packerland Drive near the airport. Daniels an unemployed musician feels he is almost ready to seek employment after getting his life in order and finding his "Angel" in Wisconsin.

With a week yet before the polls close many voters are opting for the patio table option in the online poll directly below this column. Last week The Newsletter announced that it was time to start getting ready to reserved the seats for our annual T-Rat summer outing at Fox Cities Stadium in Appleton the home of Time Warner Cable Field.

The July 17th date has not yet been contested by anyone and appears to be a good Saturday for the event. The calendar is marked to have fireworks that night, last years event was rain delayed and the fireworks were canceled at the last minute. This year with the date about a month later the chance of rain is dramatically reduced and although there is no guarantee the weather will probably be a lot nicer. Don't forget to vote in the seating poll below. The poll closes in one week.
Female members of the wedding party for Brittany Sobieck and Jeremy Rezek's wedding were fitted for dresses on Saturday. The 5 girls that are standing up all assembled at a local shop  on Velp Ave. called Tie The Knot to get fitted for the  
The Knot to get fitted for the gowns. Jean Poquette-Hansen who has been trying to loose weight recently was pleasantly surprised when measurements showed that she indeed had gone down in dress size. Although
Jean Poquette-Hansen
she is not quite down to petite sizes yet she met her goal for the appropriate sizes for the wedding. Poquette-Hansen who was in fear that she would be required to be naked for the fitting was relieved to find out that no one wanted her to take her clothes off.

Upon completing the fitting when it was time to pay for the dresses the first to complete payment was Stephonia Prevost who received an unexpected 10% discount, immediately suspecting racial comforting was Jean Poquette-Hansen who accused Prevost of receiving the discount just because she is one half Native American. Poquette-Hansen was then told that she and everyone else was going to receive the 10% discount and that the discount was not racially selective.

After the brides maids were fitted the group moved on to Lady Savannah off of GV across from the Target east store to get the mother of the bride fitted for a dress. Trixie Sobieck was asked to remove her clothes for a dress fitting but was not horrified to do so, but after trying on numerous gowns Sobieck was not impressed and made no selection. Sobieck commented that she is looking forward to moving on to another store getting naked again and trying on more dresses.

After the exhausting day of looking for dresses the group settled down for a drink and dinner at Tucson's near Lady Savannah.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.