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March 14, 2010

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JoAnne Lade angers doctors with anti-health attitude
                     Timothy Lade had been noticing for the last few weeks that his spousal unit, Joanne Lade was increasingly becoming ridged and stiff and had gained a few unnecessary pounds. So it came as no surprise that Joanne received orders from Tim to begin an exercise program at once in an attempt to gain back flexibility and trim down her frame. Tim obsessed with his own health has a
dream that he can be a guiding force for his wife and other family members should they need guidance with health and fitness advice. "JoAnne seems to pick up a few pounds every year in the winter" says Lade despite his best efforts to keep his wife trim by producing a new snow shovel for her every year.
One would think that R. Timothy would have been pleased to see an exercise bicycle arrive on their door step via the KAMR delivery truck today, but the fitness guru blew up at JoAnne and suggested that the delivery route should be detoured directly to the curb for the Allouez refuse Dept. Joanne somewhat broken hearted by the elder Lade's reaction promised her husband that she would ride the bike every day provided she had a television to watch in the basement. While I was on the scene observing the discussion I reminded Tim that the set needed to receive digital broadcasts since the Digital Conversion had already occurred and no analog signals remained on the air for a remote television without cable. Lade reminded JoAnne of a previous bike hauled to the curb with only two miles on the odometer. Joanne replied that the bike had come from a reliable source Shelly Sobieck and that after taking a look at Shelly's lean and fit appearance Tim should not be worried. 
R. Timothy Lade
Shelly Sobieck also obsessed with health and fitness has for a long time badgered Lade to get in shape and suggested a stationary bike to help trim
down. Lade who works from home doing odd jobs for a well known insurance company is unable to put together a health and fitness gym that Sobieck is used to because of financial reasons. Tim who was downsized from his own company works part time to bring in income driving school bus.
Shelly Sobieck
Sobieck who jeopardized her own exercise program donated her personal stationary bike for Lade to use while trying other physical workout techniques to keep her slender frame healthy and in check. Lade who was struck by the generosity of the gift of the bike and it's free delivery was unable to speak while me and Tim struggled to get the bike down the basement stairs to it's target location for the beginning of the Lade fitness center. Lade immediately mounted the bike and began pedaling telling us how she is going to be as fit and trim as Shelly.

With all the votes tallied the vote came out with 100% in favor of ordering patio tables vs. box seating for the T-Rat Game July 17, 2010. The only other vote taken that I can remember that came out unanimous like this one is when Sadam Husein ran for president. This week I will reserve 11 tables or enough for 44 people. I believe the most we have ever had was 38 attending. The sign up sheet will appear in next weeks Newsletter. That's all the news that is news, see ya.