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March 21, 2010

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              ince June 28, 2007 a somewhat limited group of people have been attending a Wisconsin Timber Rattler game once throughout the summer. The largest group we have had was 38 while the smallest is not known as attendance records are incomplete.

This years poll asking if seats should be upgraded to patio tables was overwhelmingly in favor of table seating. I have reserved 11 tables or 44 seats for our group on July 17, 2010. Tickets for the table seating is $12.00 per ticket and if every ticket is sold that is all you will have to pay for a ticket. If the seating comes out odd whereby we fill only one seat on the last table and we can't sell the remaining three seats the other unused seat costs will be devided into everyone elses ticket cost. In other words a possible $36.00 cost may have to be devided into the already sold and paid for tickets. That cost would equate to an additional cost of $1.80 per ticket is only 21 seats are sold (worst case scenaro) compared to .83c if 43 tickets are sold (best case). This amount can vary with any number of combinations of ticket sales. So if all the tickets are not sold I will be letting you know how much extra you owe me for the unused seats.

One of the main advantages of terrace seating is the abundance of room with individual chair seating around a patio table. There's plenty of room to stretch out and you are not crowded into a seat wiht someone right next to you. The best thing about it is that there is no more standing in line to get beer, popcorn or food as the waitress is at our disposal to do our bidding. Of course the beer and food is still your responsibility to pay for and is not included with your ticket.

The seats are on the third base side and if you are inclined to see where we will be in the stadium you can click here. With our seating between sections 111 and 113 we are in a decent vantage point to see game activiity and also in a good place to see the fireworks after the game is over.
The Axis of Evil display their kankels at a T-Rat tailgate party
A katandmick photo
July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

Click here to reserve your tickets. $12.00 ea.
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Of course upon arrival at Fox Cities Stadium and before entering Time Warner Cable Field our group will assemble shortly after 4PM for a cook out in the parking lot and a tail gate party. Traditionally people have brought the meat they wanted cooked and Kevin Sobieck and myself have grilled everyone's meat to their specifications. Most bring meat, buns, beverages, and a dish to pass if needed. There's always plenty of food and people are willing to share sometimes I have found out. By the time we finish with the food and clean up it's time to enter the gates into Time Warner Cable Field for the game. When the game is finsihed fireworks will be presented courtesy of 95.9 KISS-FM (WKSZ)

To reserve your tickets there are several ways to do so. Call me at 869-2368 or email me at or you can click here and order them through our website. To see who's going to the big game this year you can click here to see the ticket list. Links to these pages will be at the bottom of this page for weeks to come. That's all the news that is news, see ya.