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March 28, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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           t was a Saturday work out at The Fat Club meeting held at the KAMR headquarters yesterday with members displaying their work out skills. Everyone was instructed to bring their favorite work out tools and members would mix and match to see how much they liked them.

The first device was one that the Kat had just purchased that week called The Body Blade
Stephoina Prevost shows off her new "Wave Rider" as FC members look on
A katandmick photo
The Classic Body Blade kit purchased by The Kat included the body blade exercise tool, a work out chart, and a instruction DVD. It is not known just what regular use of the Body Blade will accomplish however mastering the use of two Body Blades simultaneously can result
in flight, a handy side benefit saving hundreds in air fare. Kat screened the DVD disk that came with the device for approval by members but was met with jeers and scoffing as FC members examined the device and quickly formed negative opinions. Joanie offered to purchase the device off of her hands at a reduced price just so she would not be embarrassed by it's presence in the house.

Shephonia Prevost arrived with son Bailey and a Wave Rider in tow and members quickly demanded to see how that fat burning cardio device was to be used. Prevost played the demo DVD and performed a demonstration mimicking the instructor on the DVD move for move. Prevost drenched with sweat after the workout had put so much effort into her workout that her physical appearance was altered noticeably.
The Body Blade Classic Kit
Prevost was immediately unfamiliar to her son Bailey and he managed to keep busy on the computer the rest of the visit paying no attention to his mother.
Stephonia after workout
accomplished health nut leads the FC group in workout stamina and has been a leading example of what can be accomplished when goals are set and a ridged workout program is adhered to.
Although Poquette-Hansen has overdeveloped upper body muscles her finely tuned body cannot be without exercise for very long before it starts to revolt and she needs something to work out with quickly. The Shake Weight is just the thing for that and with a few quick wrist motions she is back into her exercise program. Other members of the club
Jean Poquette-Hansen demonstrates the "Shake Weight" to the Media
Joanne Lade, Margaret VanLanen, and Trixie Sobieck have yet to bring their favorite workout items to the FC meeting. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Another device brought back this week to the work out table was the Shake Weight purchased and shared by Jean Poquette Hansen. Hansen an