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May 2, 2010

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July 17, 2010 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs Great Lakes Loons

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A katandmick photo
                   ick and Bobby Poquette have been having problems of late but this last week they have decided to call it quits again. The couple was married on the same day in June that Rick's parents were some 35 years ago June 3rd. The 2005 marriage would have just passed the 5 year mark.

The two had been separated before for about a month and a half and decided after extensive talking to try it again. Rick who had been living at his parents home moved back in with Bobby and the children but after a week the union did not hold and Rick is out again reports an unnamed source.

The last time the couple separated finger pointing went both ways concerning infidelity and eventually Bobby had left with the children opting to keep her location secret. Eventually things became civil again and some means were hammered out for visitation and babysitting however, talks remained strictly about the children and never wandered on to the path of reconciliation concerning the marriage until just a couple of weeks ago.

An attempt was made to move to a better apartment by Bobby some time ago but it is not known if that ever occurred. Bobby purchased a motorcycle against the better judgment of the Poquette grandparents which aggravated matters even further. Much of this information was given freely on Facebook by all the parties involved.

With relations at an impasse it would be logical to assume the next step is the filing for divorce by Bobby or Rick after the failed attempt of a reunion.

After hours of tedium Michael J. Pickett (Bunky) abandoned hope and decided to ask his dad (this reporter) for help diagnosing an electrical problem with his John Deere lawn tractor.

The tractor apparently experienced a structural failure regarding the mounting for the electric clutch which drives the vee belt powering the mower deck. After the failure the clutch lost it's ability to keep the electrical coil assembly from spinning with the pulley and tore off the wires controlling the clutch.
Rick and Bobby Poquette at a recent Christmas party
the lawn was cut the clutch failed and he was unable to get it to come in again.

A closer diagnoses with a Fluke meter revealed that no voltage was present in the clutch wiring, but a plug acting as a barrier connector in the frame showed voltage at that point.

After closer examination of the other half of the plug by Bunky it could be seen that the pin in the Molex connector had indeed pushed through and was not locked into the connector thus not making contact. A push with the small screwdriver in my Leatherman made the connector whole again. After testing the clutch upon reconnection of the Molex connector it could be seen that the plug was now working as intended.

Soon Pickett was back on his John Deere mower trimming his lawn to his specifications. Early spring weather has hurried the need for lawn care in the Green Bay area, I had to cut our lawn already for the first time this weekend.

In an hour long ceremony at Nativity Catholic Church on Cormier Rd. in Ashwaubenon Ashley Snell accompanied by her parents Clara and Brian made her first communion. .
Pickett with the help of some contacts at work was able to fabricate a new bracket better than the one from the OEM but repairing the wires proved to be another thing all together. He was able to cobble in enough new wire to make the necessary connections to make the clutch work again but after about half
Bunky Pickett
On hand to witness the ceremony were Clara's husband Brandon, Ashley's grandparents Paul and Linda Snell and Brian's parents, the Kat and I, and Val Snell Tingley, Tyler, and Joel. 

After the ceremony photos were taken with the priest and with families. Ashley left with her dad and his
family for dinner while the Snells, Picketts, and Tingleys went to The Olive Garden for dinner. Alex Pickett was available to chat for a few moments but was unable to get us any free stuff. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Ashley Snell