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November 14, 2010

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Jason Schmunkey reviews his checklist from 5 years ago to prepare for this years match up.
A katandmick photo
          ason Schmunkey last participated in the Turkey Bowl in the TB VI event five years ago. His hunger for football remains and with the Red Gobblers pulling out all the stops this year attempting to regain control of the Mary Poquette Award Shmunkey hopes to be a part of it.

Since Schmumkey's departure from the Turkey Bowl he has gone through a painful and troublesome divorce.
Schmunkey had withdrawn from many of his old social events after the proceedings but is now on a track to return to his old lifestyle. For Schmunkey football is one means of coping with the turmoil. Schmunkey: "Sometimes I just need to bust some heads to feel better about my self."
Schmunkey who is two years older than Brett Farve says he's in fantastic shape and expects to be a major competitor in this years Thanksgiving Day match up.

Schmunkey's sister Sam was also invited to participate in the event but declined saying she found the game to be far too rough for her female composure. Sam was a Red Gobbler player in TB-VI as well.

Schmunkey brings no other talent to the team with him, which could prove to be a factor in a Red Gobbler win. Former Red Gobbler Chrissy Meeuwsen who was thought to be a starter in this year's Red Gobbler team will not be present since her relocation to New York City. Meeuwsen who at one time set kicking records was banned from kicking due to the unfair advantage created by her club leg which hindered her from many other facets of the game.
Jason Schmunkey
Meeuwsen who last played in TB VIII has since spent two years in the Peace Corps in Africa where medicine men had healed her of her club leg. The native medical professionals had also found cures for AIDS and Cancer as well while Meeuwsen was in their care. It was thought that
the healed and healthy Meeuwsen would be a nice addition to the team but the Gobblers will have to do without her once again.
Chrissy Meeuwsen
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck has accepted a position with Brown County's Sybille Hopp School as a bus aide and teachers aide in the special needs school.

Sobieck who left her last position two weeks ago as a dietary aide at a local assisted living contacted her sister the Kat and asked her for details on how to apply for the positions.
After Sobieck left the assisted living in Howard it was thought that it would be likely she would have to live on the streets of Oneida collecting cans and bottles to buy soup for her supper. Just as people began to save some nice refrigerator boxes for her shelter this step was
averted because of the quick turn around finding work. She starts on Monday and will be riding Peggy Pickett's bus. She will report to the teaching staff as needed by their request when they need a fill in aide.

With the Turkey Bowl growing every year Dick and Cleen Poquette had offered their former repair garage for serving the meal on Turkey Day prior to the game.
After careful consideration the Sobieck's who have hosted the meal since the second Turkey Bowl have declined the offer citing many reasons not the least of which is inconvenience. People would have to waddle from one location to the other to participate in everything fully. The Sobieck's had planned to use Sobieck Hall anyway after the game as a meeting place to warm up and have a little popcorn. Now the event will occur as it did before all in Sobieck Hall.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck