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November 21, 2010

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                   or the tenth year in a row formal white sprayed paint lines will adorn Poquette Field in a scheme familiar to fans of the Turkey Bowl.

The process began in earnest at that time but not with the vigor and precision of today's method. TB I was nothing more than some quick lines shoveled in the snow to form yard lines, and by the end of the game the lines were so undefined it was hard to tell if a team had actually crossed the end zone or not. TB II's Poquette Field was lined with spray cans which produced narrow and broken lines and small numbers which were on one side of the field only. This however provided definite markers that were undisputable and so the lining process proved successful and steps were taken to make future matche ups enjoy and even better lining job than TB II. 

The orange goal markers were non existent at this time and there was no clock to guide us as to when the half and end of game occurred. Time was kept by a stopwatch in the procession of head official Earl Poquette Jr.

A katandmick photo
Alex Pickett, Brandon Pickett, and Andrew Purshock are seen here at TB VIII spraying lines "under the snow"
A discarded lawn mower deck was pressed into service and modified into a line painter which is still in use today
The line painter in use today has been the same one used since TB III and with few modifications has performed without the need for replacement of any major parts. Large number templates give spectators, players and the officials nice large white numbers by every 5 yard line marker and add a professional touch to the marking. The templates were made by Nelson Machine on their water cutter operated by Bunkey Pickett in his spare time.
Turkey Bowl X MVP Justin Sobieck will not play in this years match up between the Oneida Red Gobblers and The Hobart Blue Jell-O's. Sobieck, the leading interception grabber from last years game cited a relentless work schedule at his work place which will keep him there through 6 PM on Thursday.
With the absence of Sobieck combined with  the return of Jason Schmunkey it would seem a healthy Red Gobbler team would be a dominant force against the Jell-O's. Other glitches in the mix may prove to be mitigating factors in the game as well such as the Red Gobblers starting quarter back and XPFL
commissioner Brandon Pickett complaining of being sick this weekend. Questions are already popping up from local media regarding his starting position due to his ailments.

Jenna Zeske has been chosen to make the changes on the score board by Trixie and Kevin Sobieck.
The sobiecks have made the score board and provided girls to run it since it's first appearance in TB III. The board was first manned by Brittany sacrificed by her parents until progressing to the sound slut position in the booth two years ago. It is thought Ashley Hansen will assist Zeske at the board. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jenna Zeske
Justin Sobieck