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October 3, 2010

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photo by Dawn Vercauteren Van Enkenvort
                     ven though the wedding went off with out a hitch, the Sobieck's number 1 son Justin was cast to the side in favor of Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck's new son in law when she told the 320 guests assembled for dinner "I couldn't love any son more than Jeremy." Sobieck, a prominent member of the wedding party became enraged at the comment and threw down his napkin and began to storm off from the head table. Sobieck
came to his senses and calmed down when others at the head table including his brother Logan "Cougar" Sobieck coaxed him back by lying to him that it was just a joke, and that his mom didn't mean it. Even
though it is common
knowledge that Trixie likes Jeremy better than Justin he still bought into the story from the other groomsmen that blood is thicker then water and that his mother really does like him best. Sobieck was seen later in the evening with a new girlfriend name unknown.

Much of the wedding was a success because of the 1 year of planning that occurred leading up to the big day on Friday not the least of which was the candy buffet. The buffet was stocked with 400 pounds of candy enough for over a pound for every guest. Only a modest amount of candy remained at the end of the night and the wedding cake was consumed before 11PM. Every guest received a caramel apple at their dinner plate and none were left at the end of the night, those who didn't want the apple seemed eager to gift them to guests who were a fan of the treat.

The only other faux pas were the slide shows that were supposed to play during the father daughter dance and the mother son dance which didn't play for reasons that are not yet clear. Although timing was not supposed to be an issue it seemed that the equipment to be used for the showing of the production did not seem to be ready for the music cue from the DJ.

Another unfortunate mishap involving an impregnated bridesmaid occurred during one of the photo shoots staged on a hay wagon.
Justin Sobeick
After the shoot the group was disembarking from the wagon when the Queen of Chicken Night, Jean Poquette-Hansen was heading for the edge to find her way down. As the Queen got closer to the
edge the entire group of groomsmen swarmed to help the Queen down from her lofty perch, each one eager to touch her in some way so they could brag later they had helped the Queen. The men eager to be in the limelight with the Queen  completely ignored the impregnated bridesmaid already unsteady on her feet and near the edge of the wagon. Needless to say the poor girl fell from the wagon but was unharmed. The baby suspended in fluid inside her body could not be heard to yell anything out so everyone assumes that it is unharmed as well. Although everyone was worried it would try, the baby did not burst the liquid sack and find it's way out to complain about it's rough handling.

After months of negotiations and successfully convincing the town board of Luxemburg to change the zoning for their land Scott and Judy Treml will be moving to the west side of Green Bay. Their new home located on Haven Drive just outside of the King of Arms neighborhood has a brick exterior on 7 acres of land. The Treml's had to have their land rezoned to three different categories to satisfy bank requirements for the prospected buyer of their present home near Luxemburg.

Jean Poquette-Hansen has announced that she will once again be hosting the annual pumpkin carving gathering at her home in Greenleaf. Those attending should watch The Newsletter next week for details on what to bring concerning supplies and food. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
Brittany and Jeremy kiss after their vows at St. James Church in Cooperstown