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October 17, 2010

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           udy Treml has had a serious injury to her face and is receiving physical therapy according to an unnamed source who saw the disfigurement first hand and admitted that they were stunned at seeing the injury. The source went on: "When she turned to look at me I took several fast steps backward almost falling over when I saw the deformity." According to the source Treml had pulled a muscle in her face and is receiving treatment in the form of physical therapy to repair the deformity. She offered no explanation as to why the muscle in question became a problem but, a quick search of medical professionals on the Internet quickly revealed that the bulk of face muscle problems stem from putting something to big in your mouth. Although Treml has been known in the past to put one or both of her feet in her mouth, it seems she had not done so for a long time. She did not admit that she may have tried to put too large of a sausage in her mouth, or a really large filled doughnut causing her face muscles to stretch and tear fibres with the extreme jaw separation.

Treml the youngest member of the family of 16 of the late Earl and Mary Poquette often appears in the media to comment on manure and well issues and her image can be seen frequently on television and in the newspaper. The grotesque nature of her facial condition may have a cooling effect on her demand to appear before camera because her natural beauty has been compromised by the medical condition taking control of her face. Treml who could not be reached for comment will avoid all contact with media for the time being and no doubt will release statements regarding manure without personal appearance. 

The Treml's who expect to be moving in the next couple of weeks have hired a mover to do the major part of the job of relocation. It is not known if Judy Treml's face condition had anything to do with that decision or if she will be able to help in any way regarding the move.
Could face disfigurement prevent Judy Treml from appearing in the media again?
In a KAMR phone interview with Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck this week, she commented about her job to the Kat. Although she likes her co-workers and the residents at the new facility, Brookview Meadows in the Village of Howard, she is not without
criticism regarding her job and scheduling. Sobieck's first day required her to work from 7 AM to 2 PM then leave for 2 hours to return at 4 PM and work until 8 PM. The 11 hour shift proved to be too much for Sobieck even with a 2 hour break in the middle. Sobieck: "Two hours isn't enough time to go home, so you just basically just hang out until you go back to work." 
To make matters worse the carrot dangled
in front of Sobieck's face of the possibility of retuning to work as activities director, a job she mastered at Birch Creek is at least one or possibly two years away according to management at Brookview Meadows. Sobieck who fired everyone else at Birch Creek eventually fired herself after there was no one left to fire, so she is unable to return to that facility. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
A katandmick photo