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October 24, 2010

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                 n Saturday October 23rd. Jean Poquette Hansen invited all that had children to attend her annual pumpkin carving party held at her modest Greenleaf abode.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
(Queen of Chicken Night)
In attendance were 11 children not counting Poquette-Hansen's own son Ben who visited the party briefly but never carved a pumpkin. Hansen also brought a female companion who was not counted in the original 11 children. The younger Hansen may have been
waiting for his father to make the trip from the town of Underhill to the party to help him carve his choice pumpkin, but after 15 minutes of waiting the Greenleaf youth gave up hope. After turning to his younger and shorter female companion the young male Hansen managed to mumble a short communication and the two departed, failing to divulge their destination when asked saying only "we've got to go."

Hansen seemed unaffected that her only son would depart the location after only a short stay and not partake in the main event. The couple had not even had a decent lunch and only nibbled on remnants of the cheese and sausage tray and a few stray cookies.

The food provided was however stunning to say the least. Hansen provided almost everything from main courses to beverages with a few dishes brought in by visitors. The Kat brought cookies and Trixie Sobieck brought something called "beer dip." The food was quite good and the quantities provided were sufficient to feed everyone attending until the last person walked out the door. The only thing that one could find disconcerting were Poquette-Hansen's ravenous hounds attempting to consume the human food from the counter when they thought no one was paying attention.

The hounds could not be locked away because several children had to be locked in the cages for a short time until they calmed down while their companions stood outside the door and smoked their candy cigarettes. Riley Poquette one of the smokers commented "these cigarettes taste just like candy." One of the children who took their Halloween party favors in to the cage with them fashioned a shank from a plastic toy and escaped leaving the cages open for the others to escape as well.
Ashley Snell makes a face while pulling pumpkin guts as the other children look on at the Jean Poquette-Hansen pumpkin carving.
Trixie "Eileen" Sobieck who threatened to walk off the job her first day at her new employer Brookview Meadows in Howard because she had to work a split shift has since reconsidered and is now complying with shift demands of the assisted living home. Sobieck who told management that she would not work the partial shift only to come back later has cut a deal whereby she will work only selected weekends but has accepted working split shifts.

While working at the Howard facility Sobieck has gotten to know the Activities Director, a job she held at Birch Creek in De Pere and helped her plan her calendar for the year. Sobieck who hopes some day to return to Activities is struggling in the food services division of the home until an opening occurs in her field. She has not been able to fire anyone at her new place of employment as of yet.

Rick and Stephonia Prevost who currently own a home on the Royal Scot Golf Course have announced Saturday that they will be seeking to purchase property in West De Pere according to Stephonia Prevost. The Prevosts have lived at their present
location since their marriage some 10 years ago. According to Stephonia the couple owns a lot in East De Pere and would sell the property and move to West De Pere should the opportunity arise to sell the property. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Stephonia Prevost
A katandmick photo