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September 12, 2010

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Should the Poquette Family Golf Outing continue and become an annual event??
Yes, it was great and I would go again.
I would go again if Barrack Obama is there.
Have it if you want but I'll never go again.
No it sucked and should never be held again.

A katandmick file photo
The Annual Dick and Cleen Halloween Party in 2001
After a run of ten consecutive years Dick and Cleen's annual Halloween party comes to an end.
                his year with all the weddings in the family, and all the fall parties and the like one notable event will loose it's place mark on peoples calendars forever. The annual Dick and Cleen Costume Ball has been permanently canceled due to declining attendance and a continuing lack of interest by those attending who are not participating in the costume contest or other events held at the ball says Dick Poquette owner of the property where the ball has been held for the past 10 years.

The ball had been tentatively scheduled to occur at the end of October but at Sarah Poquette's baby shower  Jean Poquette-Hansen and The Kat approached Cleen Poquette with a notion of combining the Halloween party with Jean Poquette-Hansen's pumpkin carving event. The Kat pointed out that in recent years the party had been taken over by mostly children and adults were losing interest in the event and thought combining the two events would make it a success of some sort. Cleen, after hearing the idea realized the event had lost it's some of it's glitz and admitted that attendance wasn't what it used to be. After consulting with Dick the couple decided to end the event and not combine it with the pumpkin carving.

Dick and Cleen came to the KAMR offices to announce their plan to end the party and the Kat
offered an apology to Cleen saying that she wasn't trying to hurt her feelings about the party, but felt her idea of combining the parties was worth considering. Cleen said her feelings were not hurt and that she was too hard hearted to be hurt by such a trivial thing. Cleen went on to say
that she is not upset by any of the comments Kat said but plans to have words with Jean Poquette-Hansen for suggesting that pumpkin carving take place at her home instead of Hansen's. Cleen: "Can you imagine all that pumpkin goop in my garage?"

Dick Poquette who helped set up his garage for the event for the last 10 years commented that a lot of people who used to come no longer show up at the event any more and that it was a lot of work to go through just to have a few people over. Poquette went on to say that the building is already cleaned up and that it could be used for the Turkey Bowl if the Sobiecks wanted to liberate their garage for the event.

Tuesday Earl Poquette Jr. was taking items out of his house to be stored elsewhere when a gust of wind ripped the door wide open during his exit. Poquette instinctively grabbed for the door and stepped off of his porch and fell to the ground.
Cleen Poquette
After looking around to see if anyone saw him he got up and dusted himself off and finished his duties. Poquette complained later of a sore shoulder and abrasion wounds to his arm but refused to seek medical attention. He quit work early that day citing his sore shoulder as the reason.

Some have felt that this writer was unnecessarily critical of the golf outing organized by Stephonia Prevost. Many valid points have been brought up which are true, not the least of which claim that it was the first year and it can only improve. I would have to agree with this and can agree that the event should continue. If I have offended Stephonia Prevost then I offer my apology to her and hope she continues to hold the event in the future. I did leave hungry though and I hope that she does a better job of planning the meal, or I can bring a lunch if necessary. Let me know.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.