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September 19, 2010

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Should the Poquette Family Golf Outing continue and become an annual event??
Yes, it was great and I would go again.
I would go again if Barrack Obama is there.
Have it if you want but I'll never go again.
No it sucked and should never be held again.

A katandmick  photo
            ince Phoenix Daniels arrival to Wisconsin almost a year ago he has been looking for employment in the music industry. Unable to find meaningful work in the field he has taken to doing odd jobs to get by.

Over a year ago Sarah Poquette made friends on line with a boy in Delaware by the name of Phoenix Daniels. Since then the two met in person and have
Although smiling Phoenix Daniels seen here on Dick Poquette's lawn mower is terrified of the mechanical beast
gotten along famously. The couple almost immediately formed an indivisible bond and have been living together in Sarah's tiny apartment in the former Highview School where Poquette's father attended grade school some 55 years ago. Although Daniels has been back to Delaware to visit he now considers Wisconsin his home and the Poquette's
Sarah Poquette
his own family. Although no legal bond has been struck between the pair, the two live as husband and wife and are expecting a baby in just weeks. A shower held two weeks ago for Sarah netted the couple many nice gifts and useful necessities for the new addition to the family.

The common law family subsists largely on income Sarah earns at McDonalds where she is employed, but not on a daily basis. Occasionally she can be seen at Dick Poquette Auto Repair detailing cars for cash but the work there is not steady and in her pregnant condition finds it difficult to keep getting in and out of the cars.

Daniels who almost landed work at the local music shop Henri's, was disappointed to find out that the store was going out of business before he could get hired. Since that he
has been helping out around the Poquette homestead where Dick and Cleen pay him a small gratuity for services rendered like lawn cutting and general grounds maintenance. Dick encouraged the
musician to use their expensive riding lawn mower to cut their massive expanse of grass but Daniels tried it once and announced that he was too frightened to use the huge mechanical machine to cut the property and reverted to the push mower to mow the green spaces on the property.
Phoenix Daniels and Sarah Poquette
Daniels who was once the driving force of the wildly popular band "The Lotus Revolt" left the band to move to De Pere. Daniels a guitarist in the band and his brother Christian, the vocalist who also played guitar performed in Delaware. In a recent Facebook posting Daniels wrote: "We were a Delaware based band before splitting up due to a recent move, however, we've come together again and are preparing song original content before reuniting and going on the road." No other details have been provided in the posting regarding where the band will be based or what kind of time table is planned. 

With the Sobieck Rezik wedding only two weeks away it seems appropriate that the bride and her best friends celebrate by themselves before taking the big plunge. As of this morning there are no reports of anyone in jail or the hospital so it must have went OK.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.