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September 26, 2010

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   SOBIECK QUITS ASSISTED LIVING FIRM      Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck has given two weeks notice to Birch Creek Assisted Living in De Pere of her intent to discontinue employment with the firm. Sobieck came to the elderly caregiver after scheduling conflicts along with other undesirable assignments led her to resign from her first and former employer Wal-Mart.
Although Sobieck enjoyed much of the manual labor at the nations largest retail chain her patience grew short when she had not taken a day off all year but was told she could not have Thanksgiving Day off for the Turkey Bowl. She also describes her self as a hands on type of physical person
Sobieck plans to continue to work in the elderly health care field and has accepted a dietary position at Brookview Meadows in Howard. Several former employees of Birch Creek already work at the facility and Sobieck expects to move back into the activities field and out of dietary department at some point. For the time being though she says that she has two weeks of vacation to look forward to before starting her new job.

Logan Sobieck who also works at the De Pere facility in the kitchen will continue to stay on until he can get into school, as will his girl friend Jenna, also employed there with no plans to leave.

With less than a week to go Brittany Sobieck and Jeremy Rezek will be united in marriage forever. The couple decided almost two years ago to get married and since then have purchased a home, gotten a dog, and golfed together at the family golf outing. Friday Brittany will become Mrs. Jeremy Rezek.

Recently the KAMR ran a poll regarding the family golf outing asking should it continue? You the readers answered:                          votes  
Yes it was great I would go again- 16             80%
I would go again if Barrack Obama is there- 2 10%
Have it if you want but I'll never go again-1        5%
No it sucked and should never be held again-1  5%

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
A katandmick  photo
          teve Purshock who at times seemed a little bit feminine  has been found out. Purshock, when visiting always put up the big front when he would be up for the Turkey Bowl, revving up to play but then at the last moment or during the game he would come up with some excuse to get out of the game and sit with the women.

Purshock apparently had been making a nice collection of discarded women's clothing and was recently captured on film with one of his favorite outfits on. Steve's wife Cheryl even suggested he had been borrowing her high heeled footwear when she discovered only just today her shoes had been stretched out to about two sizes bigger then her feet.

Purshock who is kitchen manager at a Fort Walton Beach assisted living facility often has access to discarded women's clothing when elderly residents pass on, especially before relatives arrive to pick out the clothing the deceased is to be entered in.

Now that the truth is out, Cheryl Purshock was asked if she plans any action regarding her husband and his love of frilly feminine clothing and high heels. She said that she really doesn't mind. Cheryl Purshock: "I don't really care what he wears as long as he stays away from my clothes and he keeps bringing home a paycheck."
who is willing to stock shelves or whatever it takes to get the job done, including lugging heavy merchandise out to people's cars and loading it.

At Sobieck's latest job she became frustrated when she was forced to make staff cuts which required her to lay off her only helper Cassidy Behnke, and her Manager Char. She even had to sack the receptionist Jean Zeitlow, a former high school friend, leaving her to run the facility by herself with the help of a few registered nurses.
Steve Purshock appears in drag at a local FWB establishment