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August 14, 2011
                       isconsin weather is unpredictable and it's uncertainty nearly was the demise of this years Prevost / Poquette Annual Golf Outing. The outing scheduled for August 13 was nearly canceled by Stephonia Prevost after weather service's called for an all day rain. Prevost deliberated and decided to wait a while before calling it off, and it's a good thing she did because it never did rain.

The first teams tee' d off on time exactly at 1PM. Prevost chose the back nine to play this year so
that teams could check in at her mansion located on the golf course near hole number 10. As teams checked in they of course claimed their booze and beer stashed in the cooler for safe keeping. 
This years decision to play the game of scramble or best ball as it is known by some helped speed the
the game and every team was on the course only about two hours.

Team scores were as follows:

Danny Noonan's Drivers: 35    1 under par
P.E.C.D. :                     40     4 over par
Lade's Long Hitters:       40     4 over par
Tiger's Mistress':           failed to keep score
The Whore-Nell's:          failed to keep score          quit keeping score

Danny Noonan's Drivers were the winners in the outing if it were a competition, however it was merely an exhibition. The team played with 1 man short were able to still beat everyone else on the roster. According to other team members Paul Snell had a good game and his shots were used most of the time.

After the golfing was over almost everyone made the short trip to the Prevost Mansion where servants had almost everything ready for the dinner after the game. Rick Prevost however insisted that none of
the servants do any of the grilling and prepared all the meat himself on his gas grill located on his back deck. Prevost grilled up hamburgers and brats
Stephonia Prevost
A katandmick photo
and wieners in ample supplies and served his specialty grilled zucchini. The unusual offering was well received and most people participated in trying the delicacy. Clara Pickett boasted of consuming 8 of the summer time classics. The Prevosts threat to armband those coming to dinner never
came to fruition after warnings because of last years food shortages. Those attending the meal this year were required to register ahead of time even if they were not golfing, or face the alternative of armbanding those who did register.
Rick Prevost
Golfers await the signal to tee off
Cheryl Purshock a long time Floridian is now residing in California after notifying the KAMR in a phone interview this afternoon. Purshock a member of the Air Force Reserves
was offered work in the golden state and will spend the next 7 years there she said in the interview. Her former job at the base near Fort Walton Beach Florida became taxing and she found it to be  an unpleasant way to spend her final years in the U.S. Air Force. Purshock 53, only needs to  work the next 7 years before she can retire with full benefits from the military.
Purshock is staying at this time at a hotel awaiting a deal to go through on a house she is purchasing near Sacramento. At the time the interview was conducted the power was out at the hotel. Purshock will be joined by her husband Steve September 16th after preparations have been made to have someone care for their home in Florida. Steve Purshock has no job lined up at this time in California.

Former rapper and recent food service worker Ben Hansen is searching for work as his recent employment agreement with Taco Bell came to an end last week. Hansen who by his own admission said he had been warned about using his phone during working hours apparently went over the line and was asked to turn in his paper hat and vinyl gloves and not to
Cheryl Purshock
work any longer at the taco chain. Hansen said he knew it was coming and that now he had no where else to turn for income. To make matters worse Hansen has had bad luck with automobiles and is on his third vehicle which also needs repair. Hansen's bills are piling up and his rent is due in two weeks. He is asking for a tip on a job if anyone has one.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Ben Hansen