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August 21, 2011
A katandmick photo
                 ast week Ben Hansen was destitute and without a job with the rent coming due, auto repair bills, and other expenses staring him in the face. This week Hansen has a new beginning and a glimmer of hope is piercing through the darkness that is independence.

Hansen 18, moved out of his mothers plush Greenleaf 3 bedroom home in favor of a dingy two bedroom apartment in the city that he shares with a roommate so that the youth could live more
Ben Hansen employed in the starting position of busboy poses with the Red Robin mascot, he may someday be able to work up to that job.
wage. Unlike other restaurants The Red Robin hires everyone at the starting position of busboy. If things work out employees are able to move up the ladder and utilize their skills in more meaningful jobs such as waiter (waitress), cashier, or even assistant manager. Hansen has set his sights high and aspires to one day become the Red Robin Mascot.
Ben Hansen is working in the restaurant service industry just long enough to help himself through life. He has no plans for continuing education or a plan to learn a trade. He thanks everyone who sent in their spare dollars and coins to help him through this tough time.

As Jean Poquette-Hansen begins to enjoy her solitude Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck is planning a contingency plan to murder her husband should he become bothersome like Poquette-Hansen's son.
Ben Hansen
independently. Hansen's mother the one time infamous "Queen of Chicken Night" Jean Poquette-Hansen couldn't have bee happier. Poquette-Hansen: "At least I don't have to worry about stepping on a fresh louggie in the shower any more." Since that time Hansen has had his share of bad luck
from the breaking down of three automobiles to losing his job. Hansen has still managed to keep his love life in order and still retains his main squeeze that he acquired last winter.

Last week Hansen was hired at the starting position of busboy and is again employed and earning a
Jean Poquette-Hansen
Kevin Sobieck is away most of the time working at his construction job for the Howard Immel Co. If the need should arise Trixie Sobieck wants to be prepared if her handy man husband winds up staying at home for an extended period of time should he
be laid off or disabled due to an accident, thus ruining her existing quiet conditions.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
Friday evening Sobieck practiced her murder plot for the first time noting what could be done easily and what couldn't. Sobieck explained to her husband what she was doing and told him she would be strangling him. She ordered him not to resist or she may not be able to carry out the grim plot for
fear that she may not be able to overpower the construction supervisor. After the faux killing she tried to move the body again ordering Kevin to "go limp" to make things realistic. It didn't take long before she realized that she could not move the body. This left only two alternatives, either
blackmail her son Logan into helping her by threatening to go to the police and saying he had killed his father or find a better way to transport and get rid of the body. Sobieck decided that she would need to wrap the body in a tarp, but with no tarp available she could no longer continue with the dry run to murder.

Sobieck stumped by the problems that arose in the dry run asked fellow "Fat Club" members Saturday for ideas concerning disposal of the body confident that she could carry out the murder plot to that point. Most thought that the idea of including Logan in the sinister plan seemed like a good idea while others thought the use of a moving dolly or two wheel cart to move the body seemed appropriate. The Kat suggested she make it look like suicide by tying him to the lawn mower and driving it into the swimming pool.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Kevin Sobieck