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August 28, 2011
                 aturday the Treml Family was seen visiting one of Oneida's best kept secrets, Bradstock. The event which was previously held in or near Oneida took on a new look and was held in a field just west of the city limits on Highway 54. Sylvester Deidrich agreed to host the event in exchange for VIP seats to the concert.

Bands performed throughout the day but did not compete against each other in a battle of the bands scenario. Throngs of music fans crowded the grounds in an attempt to hear the sweet sounds of their favorite band while others swarmed the booths lining the sides of the festival to taste their favorite ethnic foods prepared by authentic representatives of their exotic cultures. Several other booths manned by non profit organizations sold raffle tickets. Ample portapoddies lined the grounds and were inside a perimeter of power generators that dotted the fence line which fed power to the stage and vendors.

Security for the event was extremely tight and staff assisting with parking cars and helped people with finding bathrooms to getting to the exits when they wanted to leave along with patrolling the concert grounds on a regular route.

The Treml Family got a personal invitation to the event since their property borders the grounds where the music festival was held. They in turn invited the KAMR staff and guests to the event. Scott Treml seemed content with the event and enjoyed the getting together of neighbors and family to attend the day long celebration. The two older Treml children combed the grounds searching for other adolescents they knew or could meet while Samantha Treml indulged herself with Popsicles and candy available on a continuous basis from vendors. Lance Pickett who was offered a chance to stay at the event with the Treml offspring declined citing his intense desire to watch U-Tube videos on our high speed Internet connection saying that was preferable to staying at the concert which he considered boring. Cole Pickett didn't understand why he didn't win the toy raffle and Max Pickett couldn't be found for comment. 

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A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
Jimmy Buffet performs on stage at Bradstock where multiple acts perform in a day long concert near Oneida.
Judy and Scott Treml enjoy the concert along with a few adult beverages at Bradstock which was held directly behind their property.