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April 3, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
Wisconsin Timber Ratlers VS Burlington Bees
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A katandmick photo
                  ick Prevost has won the national beer drinking contest in Mexico.

Since the Aztecs were conquered in 1519 by Cortez, the Mexican people have held beer drinking contests. Rick and Stephonia Prevost who for years heard of the contests and how the Mexican people revere those who excel at the competition decided to go on holiday on the Yucatan Peninsula. The Prevosts meticulously planned their vacation around the national beer drinking contest day and it couldn't have turned out any better.

Prevost had been taught from a baby on not to swallow but to guzzle everything. Wisconsin natives known world wide for their polished drinking skills draw attention at the resort where the couple was staying at Riviera Maya, but even the Mexican locals were astonished at the drinking ability Prevost had established over his short lifetime. Prevost was raised in the guzzling capitol of the world, Bay Settlement, where the art of gulping down beers is a way of life. Other vacationers who were at the resort with the Prevosts commented on Rick's ability. One couple from Minnesota said "We never seen nothing like that don't you know" while another couple from Canada wondered "Where'd you learn to do that aye?" Prevost unencumbered by the admiration of his fellow contestants, staff, and other vacationers dismissed the accomplishment as luck even though he knew, and failed to admit that this was his dream that he had practiced for years to participate in.

Prevost's wife Stephonia told the story of the contest at the semi weekly gathering of "The Fat Club" held at the KAMR headquarters in the Town
While on vacation Rick Prevost stands ready to guzzle on cue
of Oneida. Even though Stephonia tried not to brag about the accomplishment it was clear to all present just how proud she was of her spousal unit and his new found noteriety. Stephonia who would have liked to enter the contest herself, refrained from doing so
Stephonia Prevost
even though her husband encouraged her to do so.
Stephonia who is not a guzzler felt that it may take some of the spotlight away from her husband. Stephonia Prevost: "Even though I'm not a guzzler, my drinking skill level is higher than most, I am part native American you know."

The Prevosts returned from vacation March 24th and Stephonia phoned her Aunt Trixie on the way to find out what was going on at home. Trixie Sobieck informed the pair that we were in the midst of a snowstorm where 17 inches of snow had already fallen and the Sobieck's power had gone out. The returning couple had flown into Milwaukee and were driving home when they checked in, and it was raining in Milwaukee. Rick Prevost told Stephonia that Sobieck was lying and that there couldn't be any snow back home.

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