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April 10, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
Wisconsin Timber Ratlers VS Burlington Bees
Tickets $9.00 Each - Box seats section 104.
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A katandmick photo
              ince TB III the Turkey Bowl has been put on some type of video every year. Up to now the video has been distributed by tape or DVD. But with the advent of new technology new avenues have opened up to the league that have not been previously available.

The Newsletter has learned that XPFL officials have been in closed meetings with officials at You Tube, the open source premier video distributor of the Internet. Unidentified sources have told the newsletter that the XPFL is considering allowing live coverage of it's annual Turkey Bowl in exchange for an unlimited supply of DVD's for distribution with it's famous XPFL calendar.

The aforementioned sources also have said that talks with the XPFL are not limited to just You Tube but are also being considered with several other video providers as well.

If the XPFL considers a contract with You Tube or some other provider one would have to consider the consequences for Scott Treml, who has stood by the league since the beginning of it's television age.
Treml 45, has single handily managed the television operation for the game since it's inception and has performed all the tasks necessary to produce a high quality set of disks that have been distributed every year with the calendars.  Treml could not be reached for comment before
Alex Pickett looks downfield for a pass as You Tube camera people take test shots for discussions of a TV package
publication but has spoken publicly in the past of how he would like to hand off some of the more taxing parts of his TV duties to a younger man. Treml: "Standing on top of that press box in all kinds of weather is too much for me now at my age." XPFL officials have said in the past that any changing in it's television operation would require Treml to maintain control of the video editing for the DVD promotion. Treml has said in the past that that part of the operation is still manageable for him and he is OK with that.

XPFL Commissioner Brandon Pickett reserved comment on the negotiations citing interference from media as a stumbling block to making an adequate deal for TV coverage.
Scott Treml
Pickett went on to say that  the league must preserve it's high quality content for viewers who tune in live or watch the game on disk. Viewers have been told that this year the game will be shot in an HD format.
Brandon Pickett
Phoenix Daniels and Sarah "Angel" Poquette have left for the state of Delaware according to a post by Cleen Poquette on her facebook page. Poquette 25 found Daniels as an Internet friend at first but later became close to the 20 year old musician after he left his home in Delaware to visit Poquette in Wisconsin. Cleen, distraught about the couples decision  to move to Delaware spoke openly and sparked debate on her facebook page as to her ability to cope with the matter. The couple and their new baby Ann Marie left on Saturday morning at 9:30 AM and Cleen said "even Dick was upset over this" (the departure of the trio). It is not known if Poquette who was a Wichen, and headed up a faction of the religious sect in Wisconsin will attempt to organize a new group in Delaware.
A cleen photo
Phoenix and Sarah celebrate moving to Delaware with a cake