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December 11, 2011
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                      t the time Jeremy Rezek and Brittany Sobieck were married it was thought that Rezek was mostly deaf and could only read lips according to his wife of one year and two months Brittany  Rezek. Since that time however the newly recruited referee for the XPFL has given more than a hint that he can hear selected things.

Brittany Rezek known previously as the Oneida Hobart Harlot has reformed her ways since entering into the marriage agreement with the Town of  Humbolt native, and since the wedding has practiced tolerance toward her soul mate in regard to the hearing loss problem.
A katandmick photo
Brittany says that she knows that it's hard for him to hear but that he doesn't like wearing his hearing aids in the house and tends to ignore her comments when at home. Brittany: "I know it's hard for him to hear my voice because it's higher in frequency than his friends but I know there is a
lot of times he's not trying very hard either to understand me. "

Brittany who agreed to produce a child for Rezek upon entering the marriage agreement has failed to do so in the 13 months since the couple forged the union. Rezek who when asked offered an indication that his choice is to raise multiple children perhaps many, Brittany sees it differently with a more conservative family of one or two children. It is this reporters belief that Rezek's reduced hearing is due in part to Brittany's failure to produce children. At last check Brittany Rezek is not yet impregnated, much to Rezek's dismay, and in no way is that attributed to his lack of manhood.

Brittany who concedes that the couple sometimes quarrel about his selective hearing admits that in the end, the discussion usually closes with her uttering the words "never mind, forget it." At that time the couple makes up and they try to hammer out a stimulus package before the end of the evening.
Brittany Rezek
Jeremy Rezek listens to sounds on the field but is unable to hear his bride of 13 months Brittany Rezek
It appears that the purchase of the home at 2834 Whistling Wind by Brandon and Clara Pickett is on hold indefinitely according to Brandon as of Friday. The home which was supposed to be purchased Friday by the couple had the closing canceled due to the failure of the title company to complete the necessary paper work to complete the sale.
Pickett says that the problem is that the property is owned by The Bank of America who strangely enough is also the owner of the title company, therefore there is no incentive to complete the paperwork in a timely fashion. Because there is no third party seller
bank doesn't have to worry that anyone will complain that their sale is being held up by the company, therefore other property's that are owned by third party sellers come first. The Pickett's have not been given a date when the title will be available to complete the sale, so it is now unknown when they will be able to move in.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
2834 Whistling Wind Dr. De Pere