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December 18, 2011
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A katandmick photo
Stephonia Prevost dressed as Elvira attends the Fat Club Christmas gathering only to find after arriving that it's not a costume affair
                    s has been the norm for the last 50 years the "Fat Club" has held their annual Christmas party and gift exchange.

The Saturday night extravaganza was hosted by Eileen and Kevin Sobieck in their upscale Hobart home on Florist Drive. The Sobieck's prepared dinner for the guests consisting of not one but two different kinds of lasagna, macaroni and cheese, and salad. Desert consisted of cheese cake and strawberries.

The party got started in earnest about 5:45 PM, however The Kat and this reporter arrived about 5:10 misunderstanding the start time for the gathering. It was first thought by Eileen (Trixie) that after arriving so early we should depart and arrive at the scheduled time, but after consideration and the arrival of the additional guest Joanne Lade, it was thought that hanging around 20 minutes before the party officially started would be acceptable.

Fat Club members nibbled on cheese curds, crackers, and a cheese and sausage platter while consuming large quantities of wine and beer. After a few minutes of this behavior the group was talking foolishly and making fun of in-laws.

Many attendees wondered openly just how Mary Ann (Doats) Meeuwsen was able to keep the top of her head so flat. Several

people wondered why the former Floridian even wanted such a "fat top". Some speculated that the doll maker stands on her head a lot, while others determined that it was a landing strip for mosquitos
Doats Meeuwsen sports her flat top
developed for the hot humid climates of Florida.
Joanne Lade shows off one of her prizes at the gift exchange
A katandmick photo
their gift to the right or the left when that direction is heard in the story of The night before Christmas. Needles to say most of the participants became irritable after the first paragraph of the story and demanded that it never be read again at the party

The usual "white elephant" mantra was the rule for this years gift swap. Useless things from one's own home are wrapped and given to a random member for display at their domicile. This years gifts ranged from cook books to a lighted Jesus and Mary picture.

As the night wore on people dashed back to their homes or other parties. First to leave was Stephonia Prevost who was sporting an Elvira get up thinking that the gathering was a costume affair, obviously embarrassed by her mistake she and her blackness left early. Arriving later in the evening and already with full stomachs from the VanLanen Christmas party Shelly Sobieck and Peg VanLanen only picked at a few items on the food fair and left shortly after Stephonia complaining of "ready to burst bellies." By 10:30 everyone had left the party and it was put to bed.

"Jackie" Poquette is with child and has completed week 12 of her pregnancy. The Pulaski native and cheese maker announced her new addition two weeks ago.

Brandon and Clara Pickett who only a week ago were disappointed by the missing of their signing deadline for their home because of a snafu at the title company were notified that the title was waiting at the bank on Friday morning. The couple opted to take the rest of the day off and begin moving right after the signing. Brandon with the help of friends completed the move Saturday afternoon.

That' all the news that is news, see ya.
After dinner and putting away the left overs was done the group sat down for the gift exchange. Before the swap this reporter read a gift exchange game from the Internet whereby everyone hands