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February 13, 2011

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A katandmick photo
             ust as most of us are welcoming the thought of warmer weather coming our way the Dick Meeuwsen family is poised to move everything they own back to Wisconsin's Village of Suamico.

When they moved to the sunshine state they left Wisconsin and took only what they could get in the cars they drove down with. The couple has accumulated a great many more articles of personal effects and are headed back to Wisconsin with truckloads of items as seen on the photo on the right.

The couple moved to the tropical paradise from the village exactly one year ago and since that time have moved a couple of times to selected locations in Florida. With their last stop being in Satellite Beach the native Wisconsinites have decided to call it quits living in the south and are headed back to their home which they retained in the Village of Suamico. They did at one point consider living in the area around where Cheryl and Steve Purshock live which is Fort Walton Beach Florida, however trying yet another location was apparently too much to ask for the pair who suffered from the heat and high humidity indexes of Florida.

Even the dreams of the pair working side by side at Disney world faded into obscurity and they continued to work at what they knew best with Doats nursing and Dick doing whatever his clandestine activities are on the Internet. Now it is uncertain what employment they will find in Wisconsin's bleak economy, although Dick can still lead his secret on line life while Doats looks for some kind of job.
Doats and Dick headed for Wisconsin, pack belongings on large trucks with the help of hired hands on top of the trucks
February 28th the lease runs out on the residence they are staying in and it is thought they will be ready to move at that time. Traveling in a caravan of two trucks with all the items and moving people on top of the trucks may prove to take longer than they thought to reach their northern destination. I would expect to see the pair reach their home around March 7th. 

The couple's children already have alternate plans as to where they will live when the couple returns to their home. Chrissy Meeuwsen who currently is living in New York City will again be off to school living in or around Washington DC while Adam who has been living at the home apparently is ready to move to an apartment of his own in Green Bay. That's all the news that is news, see ya.