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February 20, 2011

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Scott Treml prepares to battle with protesters over Walker's budget repair bill
          ust as protests heat up on Governor Walker's budget repair bill so does Scott Treml with his own protest against the protesters. Treml 42,  a staunch conservative sees Scott Walkers budget repair bill a necessity in the financial recovery of Wisconsin.

Treml a businessman and part owner of Green Bay's VPC pumps and compressors says he sees every day how the states economy is affecting his business and it's negative. He says the state needs to get back on the right track  to fix it's financial woes and that begins by addressing it's own labor problems. High taxes and over regulation have stagnated industrial and small business growth within the state and he believes money recovered from the budget repair bill can be used to stimulate growth.

After watching the protests against the bill on television this past week Treml could stand it no more and when a protest against the protesters was announced for Saturday he decided to join in. Carefully thinking things through, Treml first went to his safe and took out enough cash to bail himself out of jail should he be arrested, then filled up his truck with gas and headed for the capitol.

Just before arriving at the capitol Treml pulled into a gas station where he donned his favorite protesting attire, a replica Indiana Jones outfit complete with a bull whip and sword. Treml: "I figured that if any of those protesters got out of hand I'd wind my bull whip around their neck then see how many times I could spin them around." Treml hoped that the other protesters would see the incident and learn from their colleagues mistake.

The protest was uneventful however and both sets of protesters sort of melted away into the afternoon, Scott did not have to use his whip or sword and eventually everyone went back home and Scott did not have to use his bail money and will deposit it back into his safe.

Last Sunday a competition was held at the bar known as Sidekicks on Main St. in De Pere. Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck a regular at the tavern recruited her friend Elli Schilling, and sister "The Kat" to produce chili and dessert respectively for the contest. In all 12 chili's were entered with a range of flavors and "heat" from mild to medium strength.  Some contained different varieties of beans and one even had a side dish of beans to add to your own liking. No spaghetti was offered although several varieties had elbow macaroni in the mix.
Small cups and plastic spoons were offered to patrons free of charge to sample the chilies and after the competition paper bowls were placed on the table if you wished to have a bowl of your favorite mixture. The samples were enough to fill up most people so not many bowls were used.

Along with the Chili cook off was a dessert competition. 10 deserts were presented and included bars, cakes, and cookies. Trixie entered her Carmel oatmeal bars and "The Kat" her sour cream cut out cookies. Number 9 was a delightful chocolate cake that I sampled several times to be sure it was good.

After everyone had sampled all the chili and deserts voting was done on paper ballots. There were not
enough ballots so some of us did not get to vote, however the ones that did voted Elli's chili the best. An unknown won second place. Both Trixie and Kat won in the dessert competition with Trixie winning first place for her Carmel oatmeal bars.

Elli, the winner of the chili cook off received a $50 gift certificate from Sidewinders.
Elli Schilling
Shilling used common spices for her chili as well as the well known "A bowl of red" a local chili spice mixture and known to many around the Green Bay area as popular flavoring in chili's, sauces, and meat dishes. Shilling declined to list her other secret spices in the award winning mixture noting that in the future she may want to enter other competitions within the area. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
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