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February 27, 2011

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                         ost of us would like to take a warm weather vacation during the gloomy months of winter and that's just what Dick, Cleen, Dave Poquette and his special friend Diane Buffington Bryant did last week.

Dick and Cleen pulled out on Friday to leave to pick up Dave and his friend Diane Buffington Bryant at his home in Clarksville TN. They took their red Chevrolet double cab pick up truck pulling a trailer with the couple's Honda Gold Wing Trike on board. Arriving at Clarksville Friday evening they stayed overnight at Dave's home and the group of four left early on Saturday morning for Florida. Dave loaded his Honda Gold Wing on board Dick's trailer next to his trike and they motored to Florida with the big rig.

The diesel truck had no trouble pulling the load but to Dick's dismay it consumed much more fuel than he anticipated. Expecting to get at least 21 to 24 miles per gallon of fuel, the rig only got an average of 12 miles per gallon. With diesel fuel prices averaging about 25c per gallon more than gasoline Poquette felt that they spent more on fuel than they should have for the distance they traveled. Dick even commented that he was going to get rid of the red diesel truck in favor of a gasoline model.

They arrived at the home of their sister Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen on Sunday and visited for some time there. Pressing on on Monday they made their way to the keys by nightfall, but to their dismay they had to double back and travel 50 miles north again to find a room. Once at the keys they stayed at the Poquette's time share and traveled exclusively by motorcycle.

After spending a week in the sun and walking the warm sandy beaches of Florida the couples returned to Tennessee and Wisconsin.
A katandmick photo
Upon Diane Buffington Bryant's recommendation the trio consumes Cuban sandwiches and all the trimmings
It will be back to box seats for this year at the annual T-Rats outing planned for the last Saturday in July. Last year seating was secured on the third base side for 10 patio tables and it seemed that everyone liked the accommodations however this year when I checked to see if seating on the tables was available I was told that they had only a few tables left for each game and not enough to book our whole group. I am working on getting regular box seats as we have had in the past to book our group. Prices should remain the same as in past years with the pricing at $8 per seat. The sign up will be posted on this website when the arrangements are complete.

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