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January 9, 2011

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                    ven though everyone knew that the day would come that we would learn that Lance's kidney would need replacement it is still difficult to actually hear it when the doctors say it. This week Lance Pickett and his dad made the trek to Madison for a check up as they have been doing since Lance received the kidney at age 3. They were told that the organ which has been declining in production for some time now is near the end stages of it's usefulness. The only alternative for lance is another transplant, because children of that age do not respond well to dialysis.

Pickett 14, has another appointment in three months and both father and mother were both told to come to Madison to discuss the options. He is at this time being put on the transplant list and if a suitable donor is found he will be given a higher priority since he is a child.

His birth kidneys were in poor condition when he was born due to a unforeseen problem during pregnancy. At age 3 his biological father donated a kidney which has kept him alive until now, however undetected antibodies have been attacking the organ and shortened it's life span. It is not known how much time there is to find a suitable donor.

The donor must match Lance's blood type, be under the age of 45 and in good health to be chosen, if a family member is considering a kidney donation. 

Sarah Poquette announced her engagement to Phoenix Daniels on Friday January 7th. Daniels an unemployed musician migrated from Delaware to Wisconsin after meeting the former Hobart wiccan on line. Poquette
persuaded Daniels to leave his new band in it's infancy and move to Wisconsin to be with her over a year ago. Since that time Daniels has stayed with Poquette at her
small but fashionable Hobart apartment on Florist Drive. The couple has found the facility to be too small however since the birth of their daughter Ann Marie in October.
Lance Pickett holds the number 5 stencel at the TB VI field painting.
At one time it was believed shortly after Poquette gave up being a wiccan that she had secretly married Daniels in a clandestine ceremony at an unknown location.
Fueling of the debate started when she began to substitute her last name of Poquette for the Daniels, later she traveled to Delaware to meet Daniels mother when she was married. After checking however it was found the couple was not legally married after all. The couple has secured another apartment in the city we are told and will be moving when the paperwork is completed. It is unclear when the marriage will occur and
Soon to become Sarah Poquette-Daniels
A katandmick photo
requests for information have been unanswered.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Daniels and Poquette before the birth of their daughter