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January 16, 2011

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A mysterious Fat Club meeting was scheduled, then canceled without the members, or the hosts knowledge.
            t seems that an official Fat Club meeting was to take place at the KAMR headquarters over the weekend however KAMR owners and membership were never notified. Only one single member showed up, twice as a matter of fact. Loyal FC member Jean Poquette-Hansen arrived in the morning however the snow laden yard was a bit too much for Poquette-Hansen to try to motor through so she continued on to the home of her sister Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck. While sitting at her sister's comfortable Hobart home Poquette-Hansen dialed up her niece Stephonia Prevost to confer on the start time of the meeting. Prevost surprised by the call said that she had not intended to attend the meeting.

Poquette-Hansen returned to the KAMR headquarters at 12:30 PM and demanded answers as to the where-about's of her sister the Kat. I informed her that I was not informed of her departure or what her plans were. I told her that I had been working overtime at the downtown County facilities and when I returned home my spouse as well as the three grandchildren she was supervising where unaccounted for. Poquette-Hansen relayed her
A katandmick photo
dismay over Prevosts failure to follow through on organizing the meeting and notifying the fellow members of the status. Apparently she had told Poquette-Hansen she had planned to call a meeting but had done nothing further to make it happen.
Prevost had apparently not told anyone else of the hastily called meeting. Trixie Sobieck had not known of the meeting as was also the case with the Kat. The Kat blamed Poquette-Hansen for the debacle citing her inability to get along with family members and her constant state of confusion regarding the planning of gatherings.
Stephonia Prevost
Stephonia Prevost works out at a January 2010 meeting of "The Fat Club"
Poquette-Hansen who had apparently gotten up early to attend what she thought was a hastily planned Fat Club party learned from Prevost that she had gone shopping Saturday morning while on
the phone with her. It was as though Prevost had not intended at all ever to set up the meeting. Prevost's cavalier attitude regarding the failure to notify her fellow Axis of Evil member of the cancellation did not set well with the former Queen of Chicken Night as she hurriedly left the
KAMR headquarters. Judging by her attitude at the time of her departure it is this writers opinion that she may boycott a few future Fat Club meetings.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jean Poquette-Hansen