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January 23, 2011

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                    he once Town of Oneida native Steven "Sod" Poquette has announced to friends and family he will be selling his home in Oconto according to his daughter Stephonia Prevost.

Poquette 60, was married briefly in the 70's to Patsy Cornelius-Poquette when his daughter Stephonia was born. After his marriage ended he lived for a short time in Allouez but a fire drove him from his home there. He relocated to a bar he purchased in Coleman, finally his dream had come true and he owned a business. But once again fate moved it's giant hand and misfortune came to him in the form of another fire which destroyed his dream. 

Steven has worked recently as a construction worker, truck driver and an office furniture assembler. Poquette says that he will ready his house for sale over the winter and should get it on the market by spring.

Poquette says that he will ready his house for sale over the winter and should get it on the market by spring. Plans announced did not include intentions regarding future housing needs or if relocation to a new area is on the horizon. It is known that Poquette was seeking new employment however it is not known if he actually found a new job or if his "on again off again" relationship with female acquaintance Gail Retzkaff plays into the sale somehow or even what the status is of that bond right now. The last facebook accounts had them at odds.

Logan "Cougar" Sobieck has been dating Jenna Zeske for more than six months and the Sobieck family has grown attached to the 6 foot tall food prep worker from Birch Creek Assisted Living.
A facebook photo
Gail Retzlaff, Stephonia Prevost, and Steven "Sod" Poquette pose for photos at the casino
Jenna Zeske
Zeske 28 got aquainted with Sobieck when his mother Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck worked at the assisted living complex and was able to secure employment for her youngest son. Trixie introduced the pair and they immediately became friends.
since that time the pair has been inseparable and hints of a long term agreement surface from time to time. The most recent was a facebook posting on Thursday where Zeske wished Jeremy Rezek a happy birthday and added the line "future brother in law!!!!". Stephonia Prevost immediately caught the hint and directly asked for clarification noting that no formal announcement had been made. Trixie Sobieck answered the other Axis of Evil member by commenting "No she just wishes." Neither Logan Sobieck or Zeske made a comment to clarify the situation leaving questions in the minds interested parties. Prevost wants the couple to wait until Sobieck can legally drink at his own wedding.

Since meeting Zeske Sobieck has abruptly ended his promising racing career at the famous Seymour Speedway and ceased activity in the Oneida Posse.

Lee VanLanen son of Dan and Peg VanLanen has won a pair of tickets to Super Bowl XLV. VanLanen 40 will be attending the annual football match up in the Dallas - Fort Worth area which is near his home. It is not known if he will be taking a friend, relative, or his bride to the game with him.

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