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July 10, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
Wisconsin Timber Ratlers VS Burlington Bees
Tickets $9.00 Each - Box seats section 104. Click here to view seating.
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Saturday August 13, 2011
Poquette Family Golf Outing
$25 per person includes cart at The Royal Scot in New Franken
Pot luck dinner after golf at the Prevost Mansion
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              t appears that Justin Sobieck and Jenna Zeske have become an item. Zeske recently cast out of favor with Sobieck's brother Logan Sobieck attended the fourth of July party with Justin and he brought her back when it was time for her to go. Sobieck returned some time later with a smile on his face.

The uniting of Sobieck and Zeske would again
reinstate the much sought after status of being the first J&J couple in the family. Sobieck a 35 year old mill worker is much closer in age to the 38 year old Zeske than recent high school grad Logan. Justin's life style matches Zeske's much closer than golf pro wanna be Logan. Zeske an out of work lounge singer
works at Birch Creek Assisted Living as a food service worker but she aspires to work in show business as a magician's assistant. Zeske hopes to find someone she can call her own then get him interested in magic. Zeske: "I'm basically looking for someone who at some point can saw me in half."

Talk of the pair becoming a couple surfaced after the two arrived together at the fourth of July party together.

Aaron Meeuwsen who recently went through open heart surgery for a valve repair in his heart was at
Jenna Zeske
A katandmick photo
Jenna Zeske (second box from bottom) wants to find a man whom she can convince to be a magician and it may be Justin (left)
the KAMR headquarters on Saturday. Meeuwsen who came to greet his sister Chrissy at the airport stopped in with his entire family to say hi and let everyone know he is doing OK. Meeuwsen said he doesn't remember much from the week where he was mostly unconscious or heavily
drugged and completely out of it. It is unknown when Meeuwsen will return to work at the Blackstone Restaurant as a cook.
Aaron Meeuwsen
This is the last chance to get tickets to the Timber Rattler outing planned for July 30. All tickets must be paid for this week because I must send in the money for the tickets. Everything will be the same with the event and tailgating will begin at 4PM when the parking lot opens. I will be mailing in the check on Wednesday so do not delay if tickets are needed.

Spots are still available in the Poquette Family Golf outing as well. There is no deadline for it although Stephonia Poquette will have to give the club a ball park figure as to how many people are coming a couple of weeks before the date.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
After a tumultuous break up with Logan Sobieck Jenna Zeske appears to be in love with the Sobieck family and may be setting her sights on Justin.