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June 5, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
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                      ileen "Trixie" Sobieck has not indicated whether she will accept or bypass the offer, but she has been asked to work at Syble Hopp School full time as an aide.

Sobieck began her career with the school as a bus aide not even a year ago after she was told her job as a food services assistant at a local nursing home in Suamico was eliminated. She was assigned to ride Peggy Pickett's bus and after mastering bus aid asked to be put on the list as a temporary aide in the school. As an aide she works directly with students and teachers helping students with their everyday needs and duties at the school. Sobieck liked the extra duty so much that she asked if she could be considered if a full time opening appeared on the schedule for an aide. This past week it happened and Sobieck was told that there would be 4 people retiring next year and that she was on the short list for one of those positions.

It is unclear yet if Sobieck will have to jump through a few more hoops to get the job or if the offer made already will stand with just an "OK" from her.
Sobieck indicated that she would not abandon her present bus aide job and would continue to do both jobs if she chose to accept the full time aide job. Sobieck near 50 would be putting a long day beginning at nearly 5 AM and finishing up at nearly 5 PM on a daily basis a schedule few could maintain. When asked if
the new schedule would affect her health Sobieck insisted her new doctor, "Doctor Oz" would be thrilled about her new responsibilities and would encourage her to do both jobs.

Sobieck mentioned that she may be in the running for such a promotion the week before when during a Memorial Day visit when her sister Joanne Lade spoke to Sobieck about her long term plans for employment. Lade stopped in at Sobieck's home for a casual visit while Sobieck was gardening and working up a sweat outside. Lade said she was covered in dirt and happy as a clam with dirt rings encircling her neck.Sobieck made the formal announcement to the press at a hastily gathered press conference outside of Doxbees in Seymour while attending a birthday party for her sister in law. 

Friday evening a monumental event occurred in the life of Ben Hansen when he graduated from the Wrightstown High School. Hansen received his diploma during commencement ceremony Friday Night at the High School. The event was attended by his mother and two sisters. Jean Poquette-Hansen's plans of getting intoxicated and attending the event with her sister Trixie fell through when Sobieck had other plans and could not attend. Poquette-Hansen: "I still didn't know the day before if he was going to graduate or not."
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
A katandmick photo
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck acknowledges the rumors of employment at Syble Hopp School, dirt rings can still be seen on her neck from the week before
A katandmick photo
Cleen Poquette celebrated her 50th birthday Friday night at a hastily planned party at Seymour's Doxbee's supper club on County Highway C, 1 mile east of the city. The event hosted by her husband of 27 years included a buffet dinner and a private room off of the main dining room at the facility. Open bar before hand made the wait short but the couple arrived shortly after 6:30 PM and Cleen rubbed elbows with friends, family and neighbors a few minutes before dinner.

Dick Poquette planned the affair that morning and some of the guests had only an hours notice before they were expected to be present at the bar. Even with the short notice guests turned out in large numbers with attendance thought to be in the mid thirties. A cake was served and ice cream was available to top it off if needed.

Cleen gave a short speech and thanked everyone for coming as she read her cards she received that night. She also made mention of the couples anniversary that same day as well as her son Rick and wife Bobbi's anniversary also that same day.
Cleen stands for a snap shot with her family for her half century birthday party