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June 19, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
Wisconsin Timber Ratlers VS Burlington Bees
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Saturday August 13, 2011
Poquette Family Golf Outing
$25 per person includes cart at The Royal Scot in New Franken
Pot luck dinner after golf at the Prevost Mansion
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                    graduation party for Ben Hansen held at the modest Greenleaf home of Jean Poquette-Hansen was filled with tension and angst as members of two different families sat on opposite sides of the house.

Poquette-Hansen knowing that the two families might clash set up the party with a demarcation line through the middle of her house whereby Poquette family members were west of the line and Hansen family members were east of the line. The driveway which runs up the south end of her lot seemed to be
neutral ground and was shared by both families without altercation. It has long been known that Steve Hansen, Jean Poquette-Hansen's former husband is a target for  Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck, Poquette-Hansen's sister. 
Jean Poquette-Hansen
Everything possible had been done to keep the two from being in close proximity, several times the two were in firing range however no one pulled the trigger so there was no public quarrel.

Both families behaved and lived in perfect harmony but the same cannot be said about the Poquette-Hansen / Seidl household. Earlier in the day Jean Poquette-Hansen reported a disagreement broke out between her and James over the state of the air conditioning. Seidl wanted the AC to run all day while Poquette-Hansen surmised correctly that doors would be opening and closing all day allowing air exchange in a greater ratio than the air conditioner could handle. The air conditioner remained in the off position for the day and the house remained cool for the most part but started to heat up when Jessie Poquette began battling with Ben Hansen in the afternoon.

Poquette wanted to play with the Wii console game, a physical participation game based on an electronic video format, but could not find the game cartridges which Jean Poquette-Hansen admittedly hid so that her newly high school graduated son would not steal and sell at game stop. Poquette-Hansen could not remember where the games were due to memory loss while consuming alcohol beverages and could not produce them on demand when Jesse requested them. Poquette blew up at Ben because they had to be hidden and the two were immediately at odds the rest of the day.
Ben working on a rap song to be released after graduation
A katandmick photo
Poquette-Hansen was unable to quell the disturbance so Jessie Poquette took back something she gave to Ben and departed unhappy with her brother.

The Poquette Family members sat on the deck in the back yard under a new tent like structure that had zipper screens on the sides. A huge paper lamp hung from the peak providing a blinding light noticeable even in the afternoon sun. Poquette-Hansen even sprung for cardboard party favor hats featuring a graduation cap imprinted on them. None of the hats could be seen on the Hansen side of the house and most of the Poquette family members attending had heads too large to fit inside of the cardboard party favors.

As the afternoon wore on cottonwood seeds floated down like snow from the sky. A slow breeze directed the furry seeds into the tent housing the family members and white fur could be seen sticking to the fine hairs covering the faces of all the Poquette sisters forming white beards by late afternoon.

Poquette-Hansen made an outstanding lunch for the party which featured charcoal cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats in quantities that allowed guests to take food home if they so desired. No one went hungry who attended the party and the food was easy to find with everything spread out on the island and counter.

People seemed to drift in and out most of the day and by nightfall the crowd had dwindled to just a few people. The Hansen family had left the party long before all the Poquette family after they say the large quantities of alcohol they were consuming.

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Poquette had prodded the boy to help clean up after the party but he declined citing the fact that it was his party and the guest of honor is an unlikely candidate to help clean up after the festivities.  Hansen explained the scenario to his mother when she asked but used an expletive to describe his
Jessie Poquette
sister that is synonymies with a woman's anatomy.