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March 13, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
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                              egan Krueger-Sampson AKA Megadeth  has been the target of Wisconsin's new governor according to her written word on her blog:

Sampson, the 25 year old daughter of Dave and Darla Krueger teaches English at Wauwatosa East High School after being laid off from the Milwaukee School District. Sampson completed her first full year as a teacher and received the school district's coveted Outstanding First Year Teacher in Wisconsin award after which she was promptly laid off. Governor
Megan Krueger  at her wedding shower gives a thumbs up on the gifts
Walker used the scenario as an example as to why his budget repair bill needed to go forward protecting first year teachers from yet another cut due to budget short falls. Sampson had been called back and offered her old job which became available due to vacancies from retirees and teachers
quitting, however she had already signed on with Wauwatosa as one of their new English teachers and felt more secure there. 

Sampson became a public figure after granting an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel following her award from the district and now feels betrayed and picked on by Walker and continues to comment about it on her blog and facebook. Sampson who now wants the media attention to go away feels put upon by numerous comments in the Journal Sentinel:
and doesn't like the spotlight cast upon her now. Reporters have continued to contact Sampson to elaborate on the story and she will not comment, insensitive colleagues have accused her of trashing the union and "taking the other side" even after Sampson had never commented publicly on the politics of the governor's budget repair bill.  Sampson by her own admission is apolitical according to her status on politics on facebook. Sampson has received numerous messages and comments in support from friends and family on facebook and her own personal blog.

Megan Krueger-Sampson
The major portions of the Governors Budget Repair Bill were enacted into law this past week as 14 Democrat senators remained out of state. A quorum was not needed for the body to vote on an amended bill that did not address any budget appropriations directly, however the bill did contain the elimination of the collective bargaining by public employees which was in dispute by some union members. The bill passed the assembly and was signed into law Friday by Walker. The governor rescinded the lay off notices issued to state employees earlier needed to control the budget should the Budget Repair bill not be enacted into law.

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