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March 20, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
Wisconsin Timber Ratlers VS Burlington Bees
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                  ogan "Cougar" Sobieck has been run over by his own snowmobile while he was operating it.

In a freak late winter accident Cougar Sobieck was accidentally run over while operating his snowmobile. Sobieck who for years used his snowmobile for pleasure as well as law enforcement by chasing fleeing criminals as the leader of the Oneida Posse, has been injured by his own loyal snow machine. Sobieck practicing quick maneuvers in the Village of Hobart flew off the machine while negotiating a turn and landed in the path of his own oncoming snow machine. Sobieck made a last ditch effort to escape the grasp of the rubber and metal tracks clawing at the hard winter snow but to no avail. While he succeeded to roll the trunk of his body out of the path his exceedingly long legs became entangled in the machines hungry belt drive system and he sustained a bruised ankle.  The snow machine continued on for a short period until it lost momentum and coasted to a stop.

Cougar was assisted by fellow riders to his feet and dusted the snow off of himself and announced his injury. After a few steps Sobieck decided to walk it off and then thought he would be OK. After a short inspection of the snowmobile it was decided that no damage had occurred to that either. Sobieck got right back on that snow horse that threw him and motored back to his Hobart home with his trusty snowmobile underneath him and not on top of him.

This is another unfortunate accident Sobieck can put in the books where he received injury. It seems the the Hobart man has had many bouts with fate, attacked by a dog at age 10 he came away with a mangled leg. Sobieck when 15 survived jumping from the top of a basket ball hoop only to find out later he had broken both of his feet, not to mention all the times he was shot and sustained flesh wounds with the Oneida Posse.
"Cougar" Sobieck as he is run down by his own snowmobile after being ejected on a turn.
A katandmick photo
Jenna Zeske, Cougar's future fiance as stated by Zeske, tended to the wounded ankle after finding
out the news in a phone call from Sobieck's mother Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck. Zeske rushed over to the Sobieck's home so she could be at his side in his hour of need. Zeske gently kissed Sobieck's ankle and carefully bandaged it with an Ace bandage to limit the
Jenna Zeske
Joyce Perock the former Joyce Byrne, the former Joyce Kazik, looks like she will add a new last name after announcing her wedding
plans last week. Perock divulged few details about the new hubby only that he would soon be 65, his name is Rick and that he had some health problems. She said the date they picked is October 15, 2011 and the ceremony will be held at the Botanical Gardens on Green Bays far west side. 
Joyce Perock, was last married to the late Rick Perock who died May 4, 2005.

Perock is best known for heading up the XPFL cheerleaders one summer in the early two thousands. Even though she never attended a game, Perock, instructed all the cheerleaders to perform Kegel exercises on a daily basis. Perock conducted no other drills and later  was dismissed and replaced by "The Kat" as the head cheerleader due to her absence.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Joyce Perock
movement as Cougar writhed in pain. When Zeske was done she  kissed it again and put her head on his shoulder, while Sobieck drank from a bottle of Jack Daniels and stroked Zeske's hair.