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May 8, 2011

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Saturday July 30, 2011
Wisconsin Timber Ratlers VS Burlington Bees
Tickets $9.00 Each - Box seats section 104.
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                        ven though Ella Sobieck has been riding ATV's since she has been walking her last ride resulted in a serious accident.

Sobieck while on vacation at her uncle's ranch in Dallas Texas, decided to take a ride on one of the ranches many ATV's scattered about the property. Hours passed while Sobieck enjoyed the ride over the endless trails and passes dotting the landscape of The Lone Star State. Soon the monotony of the ride eroded at her sharpened senses of safety and she fell prey to the  one of the many sharp drop offs scattered around the ranch.

It was more than Sobieck's pride that was hurt when she went over that cliff, she sustained injuries
A katandmick photo
again since the accident.

Lee VanLanen, owner of the ranch checked to see how  Ella was after the accident with vested interest. VanLanen who is running for city council needed the facts so as to form a damage control party should the story leak to the press. Putting the right spin on the story could avoid putting VanLanen in a bad light considering the circumstances. At the very least it might be an embarrassing moment but not an insurmountable object in the campaign.
Ella Sobieck falls into the water as the ATV she was riding spins end over end to the sea.
Ella Sobieck
that left marks and lasting impressions of pain. Sobieck lost a tooth in the crash and got pretty bruised up, however she never had to be hospitalized and she is recovering at her home in Wisconsin's village of Hobart.
that the craft was in sound condition and had been used
VanLanen was to meet with his campaign director that evening to see how the incident could either be kept quiet or how to break the story and control the results.

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